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Hannity Fabricates Reasons Obama's Book Was Banned From Prison In Order To Paint Him As Terrorist Soulmate

Reported by Ellen - July 13, 2009 -

Sean Hannity was full of bullyboy self-satisfaction tonight in his "Hannity's Hatred for America" segment as he used the fact that President Obama's books had been denied to "some of the country's most dangerous prisoners" on the grounds that they contained material "potentially detrimental to national security." Prison officials, who have since reversed course, declined to specify what material they found potentially dangerous, but they did provide specific pages. That was enough for Hannity to declare that he could determine which passages were the ones the prison "wanted to keep out of (Al Qaeda member) Abu Ali's hands." At the end, Hannity noted that prison officials had changed their minds and added, "I'm guessing he's going to enjoy Mr. Obama's conclusions."

Then it was on to a new segment on White House Czars, complete with Russian palace and music, in which Hannity whined about Science Czar John Holdren "operating within the president's shadow government" and "slamming the US as the meanest of wealthy countries."

This, from the guy who once palled around with a white supremacist currently sitting in federal prison for threatening a series of public officials.