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Fox Nation Plays Race Card Against Obama Administration

Reported by Ellen - July 13, 2009 -

One of the blaring articles currently on Fox Nation, the website that brags about its commitment to the “core principles of tolerance, open debate (and) civil discourse,” gratuitously threw in a racial component to its current story about controversial Sheriff Joe Arpaio. The blaring headlines (screen grab after the jump) ask, “Holder Goes After Sheriff Joe But Not Black Panthers?” But the article linked to by Fox Nation says nothing about the Black Panthers; it’s a basic who, what, when, where and how Arpaio is refusing to co-operate with the Justice Department’s investigation into his alleged racial profiling. By adding the “question” about the Black Panthers, Fox Nation, was baselessly suggesting that Attorney General Eric Holder is racially biased in favor of African American extremists and against white Arpaio. Predictably, the headline elicited racist, extremist comments.

Reader Mike P got us the screen grab below. The comment he highlighted with the red border is especially despicable but the one above that is troubling also. Why would a "tolerant" website devoted to "civil discourse" allow such talk?