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Gretchen Carlson And Anti Abortion Zealot Whine About Persecuted Christians

Reported by Priscilla - July 11, 2009 -

Cue the violins or whatever instrument is used for more whining about those poor American Christians who are just so persecuted at the hands of the liberal Satanist/Commie/Marxist/Secular-Progressive/Islamic hordes. In addition to that “war on Christmas,” and other disrespect towards God’s chosen ones we now have the Air Force having been denied the opportunity to fly over the God and Country Festival. Somebody’s going to swim in the “lake of fire” and it won’t be Gretchen Carlson who is doing her sacred duty as a good Christian soldier by bringing this outrage to the public. Praise the Lord!!! Of course, her “coverage” of the story wasn’t exactly “fair and balanced” and it’s being used to disparage the Obama administration so we could have some commandment breaking; but it is in the service of spreading conservative Christianity (the kind that supports creationism and prayer in public schools, and seeks the criminalization of abortion) so it’s all good.

HT to Crooks and Liars and Daily Kos

Carlson is quite incensed that the taxpayer supported US Air Force was prohibited, by the Air Force, from doing a fly-over of the God and Country Festival in Nampa, Idaho. Tuesday morning she presented a segment that proselytized the conservative Christian position on the issue. She read a statement from an Air Force spokesperson who stated that Air Force and DOD policy prohibit support for events which appear to endorse…religious or ideological movement. She then brought on her guest, Rev. Patrick Mahoney (Christian Defense Coalition) to refute this evil secularism. Poor Gretchen “found it hard to believe” that after 42 years this practice would be stopped now that we have a new president. In case you aren’t familiar with Mahoney, he is an ordained minister in the Reformed Presbyterian Church who has been arested a number of times in connection with his past involvement with Operation Rescue. His 1993 statement, regarding how abortion should be stopped by any means necessary, would seem to put in the category of “domestic terrorist: "There's going to be people wounded. It's about whose will shall rule on this planet, God's or man's.” So back to Mahoney who does that tired rightwing Christian canard about how the Constitution permits freedom of religion – not freedom from religion and that the fly over was honoring the military and not religion. Mahoney might have committed a sin of omission (actually, he was lying) because the Director of the Festival said this was event was “as Christian as you get.” Mahoney then asked if there was a “culture of hostility” towards Christians. He cited how President Obama didn’t participate in the National Day of prayer and covered a religious symbol at Georgetown when he spoke there. (Another sin of omission because the request to cover the symbol was to make the background consistent with other appearances – something that Catholic Georgetown had no problem with.. There were numerous other religious images in the hall.) He then played to the homophobes by referencing how Obama hosted a reception for the gay community during Pride Month. Mahoney said that the “left leaning” Daily Kos praised the decision.” What he didn’t explain was that the comment was on a diary that objectively reported (unliked this Fox segment) that this policy was a result of complaints filed by the Military Religious Freedom Foundation – a group that has been fighting against Christian proslytization in the military which is a problem not covered on Fox News. The MRFF praised the DOD for taking this action. Mahoney claimed that the group was denied because of the “Christian nature of the event.” (A policy which would be enforced for an endorsement of any religion - which Mahoney and Carlson don't seem to get) Another Air Force spokesperson said "In the case of the God and Country Festival, the determination was made that flyover support would not be in accordance with Air Force and DoD policy which prohibits support for events which appear to endorse, selectively benefit, or favor any special interest or religious organization, regardless of the event date," Mahoney's group is filing a Freedom of Information Act to “get to the bottom of this to ensure that no American citizen or no group is no group is denied access to the public square because of their faith tradition.” To his question of “what changed,” Carlson replied that it was a “great question’ and the last time she checked “God was still on our money.” Wow. (Hey Gretchen, he didn’t get there until 1957. Were we godless before then?)

Comment: The group that sponsers this event is primarily about "spreading the good news of Jesus Christ." A little church/state conflict here.Ya think! If this were a “fair and balanced” presentation, Carlson could have spoken with the Idaho Interfaith Alliance Director who said that there was no discrimination here and those who complain might be looking for media attendion. Ya think! But once again, “fair and balanced” Fox News presents only one (and a misrepresented one at that) side of the story in order to push the propaganda about persecuted Christians who support a type of Christianity that is not representative of American Christianity. The full information about this matter was available prior to Tuesday, yet Carlson presented only a minimal counterpoint. The chyrons were “Rally, Too Christian In Nature?” and “Pentagon Denies Patriotic Rally Request.” I wonder what Carlson and Mahoney would think about a flyover of a Unitarian festival promoting environmentalism or a Hispanic Catholic adoration of the Madonna feast? Not so much, I think. But the selection of radical anti-abortionist Patrick Mahoney shows just how out of the mainstream America’s newsroom really is and how Fox News is willing to provide a pulpit for the gospel as defined by conservative Christianity and the hell with the rest of us!