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Fox Nation Obama/Pope Thread Provides Forum For More Hate

Reported by Priscilla - July 11, 2009 -

The lede article on Fox Nation, “Obama Meets The Pope, Makes It Out Alive,” takes its title from the linked Newsweek article which was basically a description of the logistics of the meeting. But it is interesting that Fox Nation would feature this lede while having quickly buried the thread (which didn’t make the lede) about the Pope’s latest encyclical in which he was critical of the excesses of capitalism and spoke about preserving the environment. Interestingly, that thread was a link to a Newsbusters article in which Matthew Balan (who defended the Pope's condom remarks in Africa) tried to point out, in a tortured screed, that the Pope really wasn’t saying what he appeared to be saying. The thread generated incisive and respectful responses (just kidding) which included attacks on the Pope, in a Reformation redux, as a false leader and the usual palaver about Obama as the anti-Christ. But rather than reasoned discourse about the differences and similarities in world views between two world leaders or even some humor about the gift exchange, the discussion, on today’s thread, was more of the same old, same old hatred that Fox Nation specializes in - lots of perfunctory and less than lucid Obama hatred (and some anti Pope comments) including some perfunctory racism and yet another personal insult about Michelle Obama’s appearance after an off topic comment about the bogus lede photo of Obama looking at a woman’s derriere (no longer on the Nation front page) which was titled “busted.” (But you can catch the over 500 droolings in the archived article!) Must be a slow Saturday night. Can’t you just feel the “mutual respect.” Stay classy, Fox Nation!