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Fox News Panel’s Mean-Spirited Slurs Against Michelle Obama Include Attacking Her For Saying America Is A Mean Country

Reported by Ellen - July 10, 2009 -

Sean Hannity and his panel of twin thinkers, S. E. Cupp and Kimberly Guilfoyle, didn’t seem to realize that they were inadvertently proving Michelle Obama’s point about America being “just downright mean” as they belittled and sneered at her for sporting an expensive handbag and going on date nights in New York City. “Private jet” Hannity made quite a phony-baloney show of pretending to be a regular guy who wears sneakers that cost “only” $80 (though he said later in the show that they cost $90). With video.

In a discussion mostly devoted to accusing President Obama of paying off his voters (see my previous post), based on a faulty reading of a USA Today article, Hannity made a point of taking time out at the beginning to smear Michelle Obama. “Before we get to (the USA Today article)… Michelle Obama has a 6! $6,000 dollar bag!” He added, “They’re trying to refute this and say, ‘Well, we only paid $900 for it.’ She wears $600 sneakers.” Actually, they were $540 but what’s $60 to a multimillionaire like Hannity? He went on to boast, “My sneakers were about 80 bucks.”

But Hannity forgot to mention the rest of his lavish lifestyle that includes charging nearly $50,000 in travel expenses for a “volunteer” speaking engagement at a state college and his cancellation of an appearance at Washington University in St. Louis because the students sponsoring him could not come up with a private jet that satisfied him (and the first-class ticket they offered instead wasn't good enough either). His $10.5 million mansion isn’t too "regular guy" either. Nor his putdowns of those who go to “government schools.” Somehow, neither Guilfoyle nor Cupp seemed to notice the hypocrisy.

“On a serious note,” Hannity said, “Because America’s a downright mean country, folks. For the first time in my adult life, I’m proud of my country,” he said, mocking Michelle Obama. “She’s doing pretty well… She takes trips to New York, Broadway plays, out to dinner, Uh, El Paris (sic). They get to go on vacation with the family.” No! On vacation with the family? How dare they! That proves they’re radical socialists!

“Livin’ the life!” Cupp said contemptuously,

“She gets to work out. She’s got yoga arms!” Guilfoyle jeered.

Correct me if I’m wrong but wasn’t this pair up on their mutual high horses about personal attacks on Sarah Palin not too long ago?

“I want to be Michelle Obama when I grow up,” Cupp said. “I don’t know what she’s complaining about. America’s been pretty good to her.” Well, “S.E.,” What Michelle Obama was complaining about was that we’re a divided nation, where people have to struggle for health care and to get a decent education.

But I guess it’s easier to heap scorn on her for what she wears than to examine the substance of her thinking.