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Yet Another “Defining” Headline, On Fox Nation, Attacks Sally Quinn

Reported by Priscilla - July 9, 2009 -

The Mission Statement of Fox Nation claims that it is committed to “core principals of tolerance, open debate, civil discourse and fair and balanced coverage of the news.” As we have seen from the many comments on Fox Nation, the idea of tolerance and civil discourse is totally alien. And as we have seen, the idea of “balanced coverage” is truly laughable as the entire site is devoted to attacking all those deemed anathema to the right wing. The notion that the Fox Nation writers practice journalism is a great, big, whopping joke as demonstrated, once again, in yet another headline that make an “editorial comment” and in so doing, defines reality for Fox Nation readers – who clearly only read the headlines before they start foaming at the keystroke. But it is great propaganda in that the headline tells the Fox Nation exactly what they should think. Do they think that Fox Nation “readers” are so stupid that they need their reality defined for them? I guess so.

Today’s lede headline actually issues a “warning” for those delicate souls who just can’t stand to see their sainted Sarah Palin discussed in any fashion other than reverential – “Warning, Sally Quinn’s Disgusting Screed vs. the Palin Family.” The accompanying visual is a shot of Quinn next to Palin who is holding Trig. The use of the term “screed” with the modifier “disgusting” is hardly objective “journalism” – but as propaganda it’s perfect! It’s part of Fox Nation’s “balanced coverage” which includes headlines about the US House Climate Change bill being “treason,” Gyneth Paltrow “putting down America,” the attacks on “Stuart Smalley,” and “repulsive Bill Maher panel.” And the irony is rich in that Fox Nation has no problem “putting down” anyone who doesn’t subscribe to right wing orthodoxy. While they would decry the librul media referring to any of their sacred cows as racist, Fox Nation had no problem with their headline asking if Jamie Foxx (evil black) was a racist for insulting that (good white) clean teen Miley Cyrus. And what, you may ask, was so “disgusting” about Quinn’s “screed?” Well, she dared to ask the identiy of those who, according to Palin, are attacking her family. Quinn dared to point out that evangelical Christians (a good chunk of Fox Nation) have been critical of women working outside the home. (If a female, Democratic candidate for VP had the same family dynamics as Palin, you betcha there would have been lots of criticism from the “family values” crowd who see women as “handmaidens.”) Quinn also discussed how Palin used her children as props which is a legitimate point as the presence of a special needs child who wasn’t aborted and Bristol Palin’s “baby bump” just galvanized Palin’s anti choice base. Quinn had the audacity to say that instead of saying that she was quitting to save Alaska, Palin should have said that she was leaving to spend time with her family – something that would have been consistent with evangelical family values. This was neither a screed nor disgusting.

It’s funny that over at World Net Daily (hardly liberal!), there’s an article, “Desperate Conservatives Fooled By Palin” which claims that Palin is doing what liberal feminists do and that’s abandoning her family. Olivia St. John makes a similar argument to Quinn’s – only from the viewpoint of a conservative Christian. Shouldn’t Fox Nation be all over this “disgusting screed?” (And BTW, I still haven’t seen Liz Trotta’s comments about Palin on Fox Nation!) Should we expect to see a nasty headline accompanying this article? Nah, not when you can bash the librul press. Today’s obvious Fox Nation lesson is that Sally Quinn is one of those libruls who dares to “attack” the woman who holds a sacred place in Fox Nation which, rather than provide “fair and balanced” coverage of the News, provides disgusting, right wing screeds in their less than “tolerant” approach to “news.”