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O’Reilly (Rightfully) Lashes Out at HuffPo Blogger, But Ignores Kilmeade’s Bigotry on Fox & Friends

Reported by Ellen - July 9, 2009 -

Guest blogged by Julie

On last night’s (7/8/09) O’Reilly Factor, Bill O’Reilly had some harsh words to say about Erik Sean Nelson, a Huffington Post blogger who published a regretfully insensitive post (since removed) about Sarah Palin with references to retardation and, specifically, her Down Syndrome son, Trig. No arguments from me – the guy crossed every line and the post was reprehensible. But speaking of reprehensible – and this is no way a defense of Nelson -- on yesterday’s Fox & Friends, Brian Kilmeade made some astonishingly bone-headed, bigoted comments about Americans “who keep marrying other species.” I didn’t hear a peep out of O’Reilly about that.

On Fox & Friends, Kilmeade said, “In America we marry everybody . . . We will marry Italians and Irish” – and this was on his own network, no less! Just imagine if someone on the Daily Kos had said the same thing (as if!) -- O’Reilly could have built a week’s worth of shows around it.

So, if it’s on a liberal website, bam, pow, to the moon! If it’s on Fox News . . . hell, the outrage? Phone it in.

Video of Fox & Friends care of Salon.com (H/T Huffington Post).