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Is “Traditionalist” Bill O’Reilly Trying To Titillate With Naked Lady Video?

Reported by Priscilla - July 8, 2009 -

Titillation is defined as “To excite (another) pleasurably, superficially or erotically.” Bill O’Reilly is no stranger to the term as his phone conversations with his former producer, Andrea Mackris, were full of Bill's “titillating” talk which ended up with Bill paying beaucoup bucks to make the sexual harassment allegation go away. His book, “Those Who Trespass” is full of titillating imagery including his main character’s (a projection of the real Bill?) belief that the best way to arouse a woman is to sneak up on her in the shower and grab her breasts. (Hmm, wasn’t there something about that on the Mackris tapes?) But in keeping with good, clean heterosexual family values on Fox News, Bill does love the ladies (especially the “Patriot Girls”). His claim that he used some R rated material in order to “expose” an internet problem, which causes porno images to come up in web searches, was lampooned by some in the MSM and that prompted a culture warriors discussion of whether this material was appropriate for the “family hour.” Bill’s conclusion: “I'm going to take it under advisement that you ladies think I should cut it down a little bit. But I'm not going to do away with it. When I say to you guys viewer warning, if you don't want to watch it, don't.” Well, Bill has been back from vacation for just a couple of days, and the titillation seems to be on the upswing!

On Monday night’s “Pinheads and Patriots” segment, without warming, Bill did a segment during which he played some steamy shots from the popular internet video of supermodel, Bar Rafaeli, lolling about in bed – while naked. While he spoke of how Bar Rafaeli was trying to bring attention to an art exhibit in her homeland, a photo of a very cleavaged Bar Rafaeli was shown as background followed by some of the video. While Bar Rafaeli writhed around, Bill said that she was “trying to do something; but we’re not quite sure what; but it did get a massive amount of attention as demonstrated by our mentioning it on the highest rated cable NEWS program in the world.” (Wow, Bill promotes himself while showing a naked lady – hmmm!!) Back to the cleavaged pic while Bill tells his viewers to “make the call” about whether she is a pinhead. Bill repeated that he wasn’t sure what she was doing (I suspect he was liking it!) but at least a squirrel didn’t pop out (a reference to a Fox video of a squirrel jumping out of a woman’s cleavage)

Comment: Just whom is O’Reilly titillating? I report, you decide.

On another topic – Working class hero Bill did a segment on his vacation in Switzerland. He stayed at the Palace Hotel in Gstaad. Wonder how many of his fans could afford the 650 Euros a night for the standard double room?