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Bill Hemmer Has “Fair And Balanced” Interview About Climate Change – Not!!!

Reported by Priscilla - July 8, 2009 -

The newest hot topic in the global warming denier community, aided and abetted by Fox News, is that the EPA “suppressed” a report that claimed that world temperatures are actually dropping. The recent Fox&Friends interview with Alan Carlin, regarding his report, was full of falsehoods. The Foxettes claimed that Carlin was a scientist – he’s not. His alleged suppressed report (full of material from the usual cast of global warming deniers including the Heartland Institute) has been debunked by a climate scientist at NASA. But that didn’t stop Fox&Friends from later alleging that Carlin has been “silenced by the administration.” This isn’t true; but Republican Senator Jim Inhofe, who believes that God wouldn’t allow global warming and is proud that he has no gays in his family, is calling for an investigation. So whom do you think Bill Hemmer interviewed, yesterday, about this – drum roll please – Senator Jim Inhofe (who actually referred to Senator Al Franken as a clown – oh, the irony!)

At the start of the segment, Hemmer referred to Fox’s past coverage of Inhofe who, during one of the Fox segments, called for the criminal investigation of the “suppressed” climate change report. Hemmer then allowed Inhofe to push the discredited propaganda. Inhofe described Carlin as a “thirty year” EPA employee. Carlin is an economist. Even the Fox News website article stated that Carlin “included “no original research” in his report. Inhofe claimed that Carlin had access to “new science” that counters the prevailing wisdom about global warming and which is being “suppressed.” Without identifying the person whom he was referring to, Inhofe said that he wanted a “commitment from her” about an investigation. Hemmer didn’t ask; but I assume it’s Barbara Boxer who is chairperson of the US Senate Committee on the Environment. (Before the Senate switch, that was Inhofe’s title and one assumes that he is not happy serving under the liberal Senator Boxer). As if on cue, Hemmer said, “so far you haven’t been given, what you would consider a fair explanation for that” and not surprisingly Inhofe agreed. Inhofe then made the ridiculous statement that despite allegations that the Bush administration suppressed reports, that “just isn’t true.” But according to non 6,000 year old scientists, the Bush administration did indeed suppress information. Inhofe then claimed that because NASA scientist James Hansen, who went public about the suppression, had over 1400 interviews, there couldn’t have been any attempt to silence him. He also said that Hansen was paid by the Heinz Foundation (connected to John Kerry’s wife) – a little nugget that the right wing anti global warming crew use to claim that Hansen was bought – unlike the anti global warming community which gets a little help from it’s friends in big oil. Hansen was awarded $250,000 for his work, from a non partisan foundation, regarding the greenhouse effect. Inhofe then mentioned a report, from Dr. John Christy, that supports Carlin. Christy, it should be noted, still supports man made global warming; but I doubt Inhofe knows that!

When Hemmer quoted the EPA reaction to Carlin’s allegations, Inhofe disagreed because Carlin “has been there for 30 years.” He claimed “that’s his job…” but ignored the EPA comment that Carlin was not part of the climate change working group. Inhofe then went on to assert that the current climate change bill will go down in defeat as did Bill Clinton’s BTU tax. He referred, sarcastically, to Bill Clinton as a “thing of beauty.” (Right, Jim, we had a budget surplus and no wars – truly a thing of beauty!) After allowing Inhofe to push the propaganda, Hemmer finally broke in with a question of whether enough Democrats would vote against the bill in the Senate. Inhofe was confident that the “new” Democrats will help to defeat the “largest tax increase in the history of America.” The “tax increase,” according to the Congressional Budget Office, is about the cost, per day, of a postage stamp.

Comment: There you had it – the rightwing world’s talking points, regarding the climate change bill, summed up by a major global warming denier. While he spoke, the chyron stated, as fact, “EPA Buried Study Showing Global Warming Not Critical.” As a propaganda piece, it was superb. While Hemmer made a minimal attempt to provide some counterpoint, the segment was just a platform for right wing propaganda. Hemmer made no effort to engage Inhofe on the aspects of the bill which address climate change and its impact on people and the ecosystem. But then Inhofe and his cronies don’t believe in climate change. Bring on the rapture!