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Megyn Kelly Cheers On Palin's Lawsuit Threat After Acknowledging She Has No Case

Reported by Ellen - July 6, 2009 -

Megyn Kelly's legal principles were clashing with her Sarah Palin favoritism today on America's Newsroom. In a panel discussion about Sarah Palin's threat to sue bloggers and other media outlets who reported on the rumor that her resignation stemmed from a pending federal embezzlement indictment, Kelly agreed with Fox News' Mercedes Colwin that Palin has no case. She even acknowledged Colwin's further point that if Palin did sue, she might be sanctioned for bringing a frivolous claim. But after the discussion ended (and after Colwin could not respond), Kelly offered a "final word" in which she nonetheless said, "Palin was right to make the threat of a defamation lawsuit." In other words, Kelly was urging Palin to try to stifle free speech, make baseless threats for her personal gain and to strike back at her political enemies. With video.

Here's what Kelly says near the end of the segment, after dismissing the panelists: One final word for our viewers: Sarah Palin has every right to be offended and upset about these baseless claims and, once again, the FBI has come out and said they're baseless. But she will not win in a lawsuit, unless it is CLEAR, CLEAR (her emphasis) that the statements were made with actual malice, which means the blogger knew they were false or something very close to knowing they were false, they're not actionable... Having said all that, Palin was right to make the threat of a defamation lawsuit.