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Fox Nation Uses Brent Bozell Article Which Omits Fox In Its Criticism Of Network Coverage Of Palin Resignation

Reported by Priscilla - July 6, 2009 -

Fox Nation does seem to be cozy with Brent Bozell. Not only does Fox Nation link to Bozell's acolytes at Newsbusters; but today we have a link (one of the top stories) to an article by Father Bozell himself (no bias there!). He claims that the three major news networks (ABC, CBS, and NBC) committed the sin (venial or mortal?) of referring to Palin’s resignation as “bizarre.” But meanwhile, on Fox News, Charles Krauthammer said it was an “erratic” political announcement. Karl Rove, on Fox, said that he’s “perplexed” by Palin’s decision. Conservative Rich Lowry told Stuart Varney that Palin’s speech was rambling and not persuasive. So what’s the problem, Brent? The fact remains that the resignation was strange, odd, “bizarre” or whatever word that you would use for the resignation and for the speech which was full of bizarre clichés and sports analogies. But the Fox Nation post, once again, provides Fox Nation with a way to whine about how the evil, librul media attack their beloved Sarah. And who better than Bozell (last heard railing about Fox’s “Family Guy”) to preach to that congregation? BTW, is Family Guy “Stewie” based on Stuart Varney?????

Addendum - Does Bozell know that Liz Trotta, on Fox News, referred to Palin as "inarticulate and under educated" and has "no credentials for any job." Video below fold.

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