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Fox Nation Smears Ron Reagan

Reported by Ellen - July 4, 2009 -

Given that he's the son of St. Ronnie, you'd think that Fox News would have a soft spot in their hearts for his son, Ron Reagan - at least a soft enough spot to fact check their own articles that smear him. But, apparently, politics is thicker than blood on Fox Nation. The "fair and balanced" website falsely claimed that Reagan accused Rush Limbaugh of engaging in domestic violence. Had whoever wrote the article bothered to actually listen to the audio posted as "proof," they would have known that Reagan never said that but was mocking Limbaugh's "humor."

If you click through from the blaring headlines on the home page, you get to a one-sentence article that says, "Ron Reagan: Domestic violence marred Rush's marriages." But the YouTube audio, purportedly from July 1, 2009, and presumably from Reagan's Air America program, says nothing of the sort.

As Media Matters posted, Limbaugh mocked the Obama administration's appointment of a domestic violence czar by saying, "Why do you need an advisor on violence against women? ...Is an advisor going to say... 'Well, in this case it was justified?' 'There are some cases where it's justified?' Why do you need an advisor on this?" Limbaugh went on to say that it was only a ploy "to just establish more executive power."

So Reagan mocked Limbaugh. Reagan began, "Limbaugh... has an issue with the White House's new advisor on domestic violence." In a voice that imitated Limbaugh's Reagan continued, "Why do you need any advice on that? Are there some instances where it's justified and you need an advisor to tell you when? In case, you know, the woman is a Republican and the husband's a Democrat, and it's perfectly understandable why there'd be domestic violence? We're gonna allow for this? What the hell are we doing here?"

In his own voice again, Reagan said, "I'm guessing that the White House advisor on domestic violence will never say that beating your wife is OK. Which may be a disappointment to Rush Limbaugh. And you wonder why this guy can't stay married."

Nowhere did Reagan accuse Limbaugh of engaging in domestic violence.

Once again, the Fox News double standard is in play. It's OK to call for a terrorist attack to "save" the country from Democrats, condone the murder of an abortion doctor, and describe the Mafia as more patriotic than Democrats but the merest slight, even when it's imagined, against a conservative is cause for a Fox News hissy fit.