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Ainsley Earhardt Said What?

Reported by Priscilla - July 4, 2009 -

Yesterday, on Fox&Friends, noted intellect Ainsley Earhardt did a segment about “pet gadgets” – things that do nifty things for your pets. One of the gadgets is a “pet-cam” which is a video cam that can monitor your pet. Videos of cute pets were shown at which point Ainsley asked the woman who was demonstrating the pet gadgets, “What’s the most interesting thing that you’ve caught on camera?” The guest responded that “I don’t even want to imagine if the pets are in the bedroom. Hello!” Ainsley laughed and said “What they’re doing: Licking, right?” The woman, obviously taken aback, said “Oh my gosh” and quickly changed the subject (good move) to wishing everybody a happy fourth of July. After Ainsley’s comment, sombody off screen said “oh, please.” Hmmm, the comedic stylings of Ainsley Earhardt are a bit blue and not in the political sense – and on the “family values” network, too! But I suppose credit should be given for a good "double entendre!" Anyway, that’s what she said. Note – snark is appreciated but keep it clean. Monitor cam is up and running!