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Is Fox Nation In Bed With Newsbusters?

Reported by Priscilla - July 3, 2009 -

Well, if so it’s a lawfully wedded heterosexual marriage! Newsbusters is a website that is the love child of Fox Fave Brent Bozell’s Media Research Center which is dedicated to exposing liberal bias in news. What they really do is take anything that is said by any media, famous as well as obscure, and whine about how librul it is. Never mind the fact that media doesn’t claim to be “fair and balanced” like Fox which, as we know, is nothing of the sort. Media Matters has shown that “bias free” Fox Nation pimps more than a few articles on its website from Newsbusters. So rather than “fair and balanced” we have cross pollination of conservative propaganda (dare I say incest?). Today we have a classic example of conservative inter species blog sex with the requisite propaganda which, in this case, is about “Stuart Smalley.”

To give you an idea of what Newsbusters is all about, they seem to have an obsession with PBS’s Bonnie Erbe because she supports abortion. The comments about Erbe are usually related to her physical appearance. Newsbusters is a kissing (but abstinent) cousin to Fox Nation because it seems to post threads that get its resident peasants with pitchforks (mostly male, and conservative (liberal Protestants are “apostate”) Christian) all in tizzy about evil blacks, Muslims, and gays, etc. As such, the Newsbuster krewe, like Fox Nation, is every bit as racist, homophobic, and generally enlightened (they hate “libs”) as the gang in Fox Nation. (One of the Newsbusters posters used the "C word" to describe Janeane Garofalo - see screen print below.)So today, there is a Fox Nation post about “soft ball questions” directed to Al Franken from “Today’s” Meredith Vieira. (Newsbusters thought that Couric’s interview with Palin was librul persecution!) It seems that Bozell acolyte Scott Whitlock wanted Ms. Vieira to mention electoral “irregularities” in the state of Minnesota. Never mind the fact that three courts (with Republican judges) have ruled in Franken’s favor. Whitlock alleged that the show has a history of “fawning” over Franken because in 2007 Jamie Gangell said that Franken was “Harvard Smart.” (Guess Scott doesn’t think much of Ivy degrees!) Naturally, this provided an opportunity for the good Christians, who post on Newsbusters, to say that Franken is “frothing at the mouth like a mad dog. I truly LOATHE this man......he is a disgusting, vile human being, coke head, drug abuser......I guess he ranks right up there with Zero in qualifications.” (Uh, the frothing is not coming from Franken!) And just like Fox Nation, the requisite Obama hatred: ...”that sends a former street agitator to the Oval Office and an idiot, washed-up, has-been of a comedian to the Senate, both in the same election, too.” The Fox Nation comments are equally mouth frothing including rude comments about Franken's wife. Once again, Coleman was gracious. Too bad Fox Nation and Newsbusters aren't.

Newsbusters posts an anti Franken thread which is recycled by Fox and the beat (the hate) goes on, the beat goes on. It seems a bit circular and I’ll leave it at that ;) ! But seriously, here’s a question - what other so called librul media outlet uses “nicknames” and photo shopped visuals for political figures? What other media outlet dedicates its website to personal attacks on conservatives? There seems to be a lot of hatred in the right wing (Christian) crowd about Al Franken (and if you want to talk clown, how about Senator Jim Inhofe!) which is being encouraged by Fox News and Newsbusters. But unlike Newsbusters, Fox Nation is all about "mutual respect." Right? Stay classy, Fox Nation.