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Yet More Media Bias From Fox Nation - “Obama Meddles in Honduras...Why Not Iran?”

Reported by Priscilla - June 29, 2009 -

Memo to Fox Nation: Your advertising campaign, which said that it is "time to say 'no' to biased media and 'yes' to fair play and free speech,” is a lie. You continue to engage in misleading and partisan “journalism” so why don’t you just admit it? Why can’t you have the cajones to admit that you’re anti-Obama and be done with it? The latest opinion headline, “Obama Meddles in Honduras...Why Not Iran?” is opinion journalism at it’s – ah – finest? So why not just come out and say it out loud that you’re biased and you’re proud.

Your linked article reports the facts and you make the interpretation – so “no to bias” – not so much! The Obama administration said that it will not recognize the new leader, who ousted the democratically elected leader, of Honduras. He can do that because we have diplomatic relations with Honduras. We don’t have them with Iran. According to the reality based thinkers (not in Fox Nation) any “meddling” in Iran would make the situation even worse. The geo-politics of Honduras is very different from that of Iran; but as your purpose is to advance propaganda, with no attempt at rational analysis, I can understand why you do the things you do. And I do realize that your “readers” like their propaganda nice and simple. Besides, I know that reality based foreign policy experts are all commie/socialist/Marxists who engage in nuanced thinking and who use big words - not popular in Fox Nation. So I gotta say, if you’re trying to enable ignorance, bigotry, and divisiveness, you’re doing a great job. But, please, I’m begging ya – tell the truth. Just say it’s time to say “yes” to biased media and “no” to fair play.” You already have “free speech.” But that doesn’t stop you from talking trash!


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