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Misleading Fox Nation Headline Implies That Climate Change Bill Is Treason

Reported by Priscilla - June 28, 2009 -

The Fox Nation writers have obviously abandoned any pretense towards non bias and are engaged in full tilt partisanship that is aimed at further dividing the Fox Nation from the United States of America. (Secession is popular in Fox Nation). The newest opinion headline is clearly a partisan point deliberately framed to incite the pitchfork gang in their ongoing battle against those evil, librul, forces. And once again, the headline doesn’t reflect what is actually in the article; but rather, promotes a right wing talking point to reinforce the virulent anti Obama sentiment in Fox Nation.

The headline of the linked article is “House Passes Milestone Energy, Climate Change Bill.” Obviously not happy with the AP headline, the Fox Nation writers, in order to put it in right wing terms the pitchfork gang can understand and appreciate, tweaked it thusly: “Treason? House Passes Direct Assault On Industrial Base.” It is accompanied by a photo of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. The AP article is what real journalism is all about, as it describes what happened in the House of Representatives with no reference to “treason.” The Fox Nation headline is a subjective statement of pure right wing propaganda by those who haven’t read the constitution and is aimed at those who are constitutionally illiterate. But then, in Fox Nation, anyone who dares disagree with the solons of right wing dogma are traitors. Republican Rep Michele Bachman claims that Jesus has taken care of global warming, so why worry? BTW, Republican Representative John Shimkus said that "This is the largest assault on democracy and freedom in this country that I have ever experienced.” He didn’t accuse the other side of treason. But it’s ironic, don’t ya think, that the same folks who accused those of disagreeing with Bush administration of being traitors, are now those who are disagreeing with the Obama administration to the point of advocating secession. Not suprisingly, Fox Nation (which takes its cues from Fox News and hate meda and whose education did not include a course in American government), wholeheartedly agrees. It’s a complex world…