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"Patriotic" Beck And Bachmann Plot To Break The Law By Not Filling Out Census

Reported by Ellen - June 26, 2009 -

Glenn Beck, the guy who gets weepy just thinking about how much he loves his country (at theatrically convenient moments) said on his show yesterday (6/25/09) he has considered not filling out the 2010 Census. And what is this "patriot's" concern about that? Not the fact that he's breaking the law, not the fact that he'd be undermining how Congressional districts are distributed to states, the allocation of more than $300 billion in federal funds, or the data that's used to plan for disasters and emergency services. Beck didn't even seem to care a fig about the fact that the Census is mandated by the U.S. Constitution. No, his only concern was that he might lose his permit to have a gun. He was joined in such law-breaking thoughts by Rep. Michele "let's investigate Congress for anti-Americanism" Bachmann. With video.

Beck began with a false smear of ACORN, the community organizing association with which Beck is obsessed. Without bothering to offer any statistics, Beck claimed "a lot of people" don't want to fill out the Census because they're "not comfortable with ACORN members coming to find out all this information."

In reality, as the Census Bureau told Think Progress, ACORN will not have any role in collecting Census responses. ACORN is simply one of thousands of partners who have agreed to help promote the fact that the Census bureau will soon have many job opening

"Let's investigate anti-Americanism" Bachmann has already declared that she won't fill out the Census. As Media Matters has reported, she is one of a number of conservatives who have announced they would not do so and have encouraged others not to do so, too.

Beck said, "I want to make sure that they don't use this as a loophole to, you know, say that I can no longer have a permit for my gun, etc., etc." He asked if there were any other "ramifications" beyond a fine.

Bachmann also indicated no concern for law breaking, nor the ramifications for her District. She said the ramifications are that the Census Bureau will repeatedly contact you and contact your neighbors. For extra "patriotic" credit, she went on to claim, as Beck shook his head in sympathetic disgust at the government, that during World War II, the census was used to round up Japanese and put them in internment camps. This seems to be true but as Raw Story reported, current laws prohibit such practices. Furthermore, Bachmann's concern for privacy is surprising considering that she has voted against requiring FISA warrants for wiretaps in the US and abroad and against Congressional oversight of CIA interrogations.

Beck concluded by self-importantly commanding his viewers, "Make sure you call your Congressman (he didn't seem to think anyone might have a Congresswoman) tonight or tomorrow."

Good idea, Glenn. I'm calling my Congressman right away and asking him to do something to condemn and stand up against the kind of anti-American hate mongering that you and Bachmann regularly engage in.

Here's a link to the House of Representatives so you can contact your representative, too.

Video below via Media Matters.