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Megyn Kelly And Michele Bachmann Play The Fear Of ACORN, Fear Of Census Cards

Reported by Priscilla - June 26, 2009 -

In right wing Republican circles, there is a fear and loathing of ACORN (scary black people!). ACORN will be involved in the upcoming census which the hard right is also not happy about. As the mouthpiece for these folks, Fox News does its best to spread and reinforce this fear and loathing. In interviewing US Rep Michele Bachmann, Fox’s Megyn Kelly provided a platform which was a two-fer in that it provided the requiste ACORN bashing and fear of the census which is the basis for a strange speculation (conspiracy) of Bachmann’s relating to the possible use of census data. Cue the black helicopters!

Megyn Kelly’s intro to the segment was vintage Fox: “We’ve been all over this ACORN story hear at Fox.” (Right, Megyn - like when you asked the ACORN spokesman about sending “child rapists out to conduct the census.”) The anti ACORN propaganda was reinforced by Kelly’s statement regarding ACORN’s “history of voter registration fraud, workers indicted, workers pleading guilty…” (And while there have been charges and guilty pleas, it appears that there has never been an ACORN conviction of voter fraud) In reply to Kelly’s question of where she “drew the line” about the census, Bachman talked about the “invasiveness” of the questions while the video showed African Americans involved in voter registration (very scary!) while the chyron read “MN Lawmaker Concerned About Census Hire Group, ACORN.” (ACORN is bad, get it?) Ms. Megyn agreed with Bachman’s assertions about the alleged inappropriateness of the questions. Bachmann, who claims that she won’t answer census questions beyond the number of household members, is also concerned about “hacking” into census computer records. But Bachmann is really concerned that “ACORN, which has served in many places as an electioneering arm of the Democrat party, is being encouraged to become a national partner with the census…” (scary ACORN) Kelly enumerated all the nasty, bad census questions and reiterated that ACORN workers have pleaded guilty to fraud. (Does Megyn know that Mark Jacoby, who was hired to register California voters by the Republican party, just pleaded guilty to voter fraud? Does she know that in 2006, California GOP had the same voter registration problems as ACORN? Does she know that John McCain’s “Honest and Open Election Committee” claimed, in November of 2008, that they couldn’t find any "documented instance of voting fraud that resulted from a phony registration form.") In case ya didn’t get it before, Kelly said that ACORN “doesn’t have a stellar record” in regards to its hiring. (scary blacks). Bachmann then presented her fears that the census data could be used against Americans as it was during the Roosevelt administration. I do give Kelly credit for saying that decades have passed since that happened and then asking Bachmann how she, as a legislator, can justify breaking the law by not filling out the census. (I thought conservatives were into “law and order.”) Bachmann didn’t really answer the question; but rather said how “how uncomfortable she is with the questions and the association with ACORN.” (scary ACORN, scary blacks)

Comment: Between Kelly’s commentary and Bachmann’s assertions, this segment provided yet another opportunity for Fox News to perpetuate the ongoing meme about ACORN “voter fraud.” While other networks have reported on it, Fox takes the prize. And interestingly, when you google Mark Jacoby, on the Fox News site, nothing appears. Hmm. If somebody finds something, let me know. Think Progress’ research shows that Bachman’s talking points, reinforced by Kelly, were wrong. But when you need to play the “fear of ACORN” card, who cares about facts? In the interests of “real journalism,” one hopes that Megyn Kelly could interview somebody from the census bureau; but I’m not holding my breath. BTW, TPM has a great review of the new Michele Bachmann comic book – complete with illustrations. Once again, Fox News is carrying the water of the conspiratorial and racist right wing of today’s “base” Republicans whose reputations as – er – wingnuts is underscored by Michelle Bachmann and her crazy conspiracies. Here comes ACORN in the black helicopters – be very afraid!!!!