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Hannity's "Soul Mate Of Hate" Arrested Again

Reported by Ellen - June 26, 2009 -

We've written many times about white supremacist Hal Turner and his past relationship with Sean Hannity. As laid out by Max Blumenthal in The Nation, Turner was regularly welcomed on Hannity's radio show where Turner spouted his bigoted philosophy. For a sampling of Turner's shocking views, you can listen to my recording of his more recent webcast here. As the webcast shows, besides being a bigot, Turner was also a regular inciter of violence. I also know because I was one of his targets. Well, it looks like Turner's hate-mongering time may be up. He has been charged in Connecticut for threatening three state officials and has now been arrested by the FBI for threatening federal judges in Chicago. 200 rounds of ammo and 150 hollow-point bullets were found in his house.

Hannity loves to melodramatically proclaim that Barack Obama's "association" with Bill Ayers means that Obama IS Ayers. By that logic, Hannity IS or at least WAS Turner. Given Hannity's other displays of sympathy for bigotry, it's not a stretch.

As Buzzflash's Mark Karlin writes,

Hal Turner is just the dark underside, one of the implementers of the logical conclusion of hate talkers like Hannity: the enemy -- liberals and "Un-American judges," among others -- must be eliminated, as David Neiwert has pointed out in his book, "The Eliminationists: How Hate Talk Radicalized the American Right."

But, as BuzzFlash has warned again and again, if we continue to dismiss the Hannitys of the world with condescension, we will see more Hal Turners and more politically motivated murders.

Progressives who advocate for democracy must hold the hate talkers like Hannity accountable.

I'm about to call the Chicago FBI to send them my evidence.