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Fox Nation Slimes Michael Jackson

Reported by Ellen - June 26, 2009 -

Fox Nation paid tribute to Michael Jackson with a blaring headline at the top of its home page: "Pop Star or Pedophile? How Do You See Jackson's Legacy?" Two photos were supplied, side by side. One showed Jackson looking like a pop star in sunglasses. The other looked like a mug shot.

The article states in its entirety, "Michael Jackson's death today will trigger untold recaps of his tumultuous life, which included troubling allegations about his improper relationships with young boys. As we've previously detailed, the original claims against the singer surfaced in 1993, when a 12-year-old California boy charged that Jackson molested him on numerous occasions at the performer's Neverland Ranch and assorted hotels."

I'll be the first to admit that Jackson's relationships with children were very troubling and even creepy, but so were many other aspects of his extraordinary life. Fox did him and their audience a disservice by focusing on just that one facet.