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"Liberal" Van Susteren Prods Lindsey Graham To Criticize Obama's Latest Iran Comments

Reported by Ellen - June 24, 2009 -

Greta Van Susteren is touted by Fox as a liberal who balances the rest of the conservatives on prime time. But on last night's (6/23/09) On The Record, "liberal" Van Susteren reviewed President Obama's press conference and his latest statements about Iran with two Republicans, Rep. Pete Hoekstra and Sen. Lindsey Graham, and no Democrats. Clearly Graham was trying to be diplomatic and supportive of the president but Van Susteren repeatedly did her best to prod him to be more critical. With video.

For example: "Today (Obama) was leading. Before he was not," Graham told Van Susteren.

"Liberal" Van Susteren replied, "I'm surprised you say that. 'Cause to me, watching this, it seemed like he was on the defense... We've seen him be spectacular... This is not someone... taking control of the public relations line on this, which has an impact."