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Fox Nation Media Bias Apparent In Biased Headlines

Reported by Priscilla - June 24, 2009 -

Words frame reality and when used to convey information, they do, indeed, matter. Thus, one would think that a website, run by a news service that touts its lack of bias would be more careful in the wording of its headlines which do frame the reality of the Fox Nation readers. Thus, the Fox Nation headlines, which do not distinguish an opinion from reality, would not appear to be the result of journalistic incompetence or laziness on the part of the writers; but, rather an attempt to promote republican talking points. Unlike the chyrons on Fox News which do use the “Cavuto Mark” in order to make a propaganda statement in the form of a question, Fox Nation just uses the right wing talking point as a noun without the use of quotation marks to differentiate it as opinion. These recent headlines provide a glimpse into the clever use of language by, clearly partisan, Fox Nation writers. If you’re “sick of media bias,” avoid Fox Nation because they’re up to their eyeballs in it.

“The Cost of Liberal Slander” linked to a UPI article titled “Palin Legal Bills Likely Exceed $600,000." The UPI reported that Sarah Palin has incurred these bills as a result of the ethics complaints which were filed against her. This “liberal slander” takes the form of complaints which were all filed by Alaskans with the exception of one filed by Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics alleging that her pricey Presidential Primary couture, paid for by the GOP, was a violation of the Federal Election Campaign Act. Hmmm, wonder if this organization knows that it’s engaging in “liberal slander.” And I guess that Fox Nation has proof that the Alaskans, who filed the other complaints, were all liberal? And the vote by the Alaska legislature to convene an investigation into the firing of a state trooper – bipartisan. Wonder if the Alaska Republicans, who voted for this, know that they were engaging in “liberal slander.” I also wonder if Fox Nation would consider calls for ethics investigations of Democrats “conservative slander.”

The second statement of Fox Nation “fact” comes in two articles today which claim, as fact, that the upcoming ABC coverage of President Barack Obama at a health care forum is an "informercial." (I'm using quotes - they're not). Fox Nation has already published a misleading headline which claimed that Diane Sawyer was “proud” of the ABC infomercial. In this statement neither “proud” nor infomercial were correct; but that doesn’t stop Fox Nation from continuing the propaganda beat with today’s two headlines: “Letter From Congress Complaining About ABC Infomercial.” Congress, in this case, consists of 40 Republican who are members of the “Media Fairness Caucus.” One would assume that a website that is free of “media bias,” would carry the response by ABC. Nope,not there! In case you didn’t see the first Fox Nation thread, there’s another: “RNC Ad Slams ABC Over Obama Infomercial” which provides the video of the ad. So here’s today’s lesson (does Fox Nation get Moody memos?) – the name of the program that ABC is carrying, in which Barack Obama participates in a health care town hall meeting, is INFOMERCIAL. Get it, got it, good! And why is it an infomercial – because Fox Nation has deemed it so and thus it is. Fox Nation – where the American Dream is defined by the RNC!