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Prodigy Pundit Provides Propaganda For Fox&Friends

Reported by Priscilla - June 23, 2009 -

This Fox&Friends segment, consisting of child prodigies discussing current events, is nowhere near as funny as the old Daily Show segments which featured children reading excerpts from the Sean Hannity show; but it was interesting in that Jonathan Krohn, the conservative wunderkinder who just wowed em at the last CPAC event, got more face time on Fox. I thought that young Jonathan’s 15 minutes were up after his perfunctory post CPAC appearances on Fox and other right wing venues; but there he was on Fox&Friends. It was a “fair and balanced” discussion; but is young Jonathan’s appearance (as the “conservative”) just a coincidence? While the other two children were very poised in their presentation, young Jonathan did his usual right wing shtick complete with the dramatic hand gestures/body language, timed eye rolling, and forceful right wing talking points. Is there a job waiting for young Jonathan at Fox News sometime in the future? He’d be just so perfect – don’t ya think!?