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Hannity And Morris, Unhinged With Obama Derangement Syndrome, Describe Obama As Terrorist Soulmate

Reported by Ellen - June 23, 2009 -

After watching Sean Hannity's discussion with Dick Morris last night (6/22/09), can there be any doubt that Bernard Goldberg had these two in mind when he said, "There are a couple of people... on (Fox News) who suffer from Obama Derangement Syndrome?" With video.

The discussion started out with Hannity and Morris stopping one step short of accusing Obama of being more sympathetic to terrorists than to the United States.

Morris followed that up by claiming that U.S. banks have “Sharia-compliant” funds, overseen by Imams, some of whom are on the terrorist watch list, determining how almost a “trillion dollars is now invested and they’re aiming it at industries and causes and organizations that help them.” Morris continued, without any interruptions from Hannity, by saying, “They take 2 1/2 percent of the money and give it to their favorite charity which is usually Hamas.” Morris didn’t directly tie this to Obama; the way he was talking, this practice must have begun long before Obama took office six months ago; But Morris certainly suggested that it was all somehow part of the Obama-loves-Islamic-terrorists package.

Then Morris claimed that the United Nations Refugee Authority is “a front for Hamas.” “All of the Hamas leaders graduated from the UN schools,” Morris said. “The UN facilities are used as staging areas for the Hamas terrorists. And the UN has become basically a pass through for aid to Hamas... We (meaning Obama) are sending $1 billion of U.S. tax money to Hamas!”

But being in bed with Islamic terrorists wasn’t enough for Hannity. In the second part of the interview (video via Media Matters), he moved on to accuse Obama of being soul mates with domestic terrorism, too. “Who is this person? Look, I say this statement and every time I say it, people say, ‘Hannity, you’re going over the line.’ But I think (Obama) IS Bill Ayers.”

“Yeah,” Morris agreed.

“Not the terrorist,” Hannity generously allowed. “I think he shares the political ideology. I think he IS Rev. Wright. I think he hid it well but I think he’s now implementing and proving me right.”