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Fox Nation uses Greedy, Corrupt, Sexually Abusive Uncle as Store Logo

Reported by Alex - June 23, 2009 -

I recently donned my contamination suit and stuck a toe into the online cesspool known as FoxNation.com - and what did I find? An online store, featuring none other than Uncle Sam in the logo. But wait! Isn’t Uncle Sam a socialist crook and a pervert!?

According to Glenn (“pass me a hankie”) Beck,

Uncle Sam is not your kindly old uncle. He's just a crook who represents the exact opposite of everything the Founding Fathers stood for. Washington and Franklin said that government is necessary, but it's evil and wants to control you. Yet under Woodrow Wilson, the Uncle Sam cartoon tried to get America to cozy up to government power.
Wilson was making the case that our uncle is only involved in our every day lives, because he cares about us and wants to protect us. It's much easier to talk about duty, sacrifice and obligation when you are thinking about a family member, as opposed to someone who is greedy and corrupt and wants to control you.

Uhhh, okay, Glenn. So Uncle Sam is the boogeyman who represents Big Government, and Big Government wants to steal your hard-earned money right out of your pocket and give it to those undeserving poor/disabled/disadvantaged/brown people who are too damn lazy to work. He’s the Bad Guy. Right? In fact he’s SO bad that Dagan McDowell, Fox “Business” News anchor, compared him to a sexual abuser (hey, what could a former girlfriend of Rush “Oxycontin” Limbaugh possibly know about being stripped naked, tied to the bed and photographed?)

But IOKIYAR, which maybe needs to be amended to IOKIYAW (I’t's Okay If You’re a Wingnut), since apparently Republican and Wingnut are not considered equivalent these days, at least not by the wingnuts who think the Republicans aren't conservative enough. In any case, it’s definitely okay, if you’re the pwners of Fox Nation (and no, that was not a typo), to use the image of a sexually abusive uncle to sell goodies to the mouth-breathers.

But apparently Uncle Sam has redeemed himself. All is forgiven, as he has repented of his socialist ways. “I WANT YOU” no longer implies the threat of Big Brother control or illicit sexual activity, no-siree… because Uncle Sam wants you to SHOP!

I want you to buy a tinfoil hat