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Fox Nation Racism Directed Towards Roland Martin

Reported by Priscilla - June 23, 2009 -

There is an old song that captures the essence of Jim Crow America: “If you is white, you's alright, if you's brown, stick around, but if you's black, hmm, hmm, brother, get back, get back.” Fox Nation provides evidence that this type of sentiment is alive and well in the “place for the American Dream.” CNN’s Roland Martin wrote a critique of Sarah Palin (such blasphemy!) – and the Fox Nation Klan is rallying to the cause. Much of the incisive commentary doesn’t rise above the level of Roland Martin is stupid and stupid libtards are afraid of Sarah Palin. But other comments reveal, in their reference to affirmative action (would Fox Nation say the same thing about conservative blacks?) and the color of Martin’s skin (Fox Nation does see color!), that Fox Nation is a place where Jim Crow is alive and kicking!



Is he now living in Fox Nation?