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"T&A" On Fox&Friends - Hypocrisy Or Just Good, Clean, All American Fun?

Reported by Priscilla - June 19, 2009 -

The three Foxateers often joke about their show being a “family show.” Certainly, the content of much of the show is devoted to Christian “family values.” As such, they provide a willing platform for those erstwhile souls who are fighting the forces of rampant secularism which deprive them of the godly due. Gretchen Carlson is always ready with a wag of the finger for those who are too “politically correct” and those whose secular views are coarsening the very fabric of American society. They even have their own resident Catholic chaplain to provide spiritual sustenance. Yet, there seems to be some cognitive dissonance in that despite the moralizing and preaching to the choir, they do love to feature some wholesome American “T&A” with an ongoing bevy of Hooters Girls and most recently, lingerie football ladies. I’m sure America’s daddies and junior high school boys, who send their bad liberal textbooks to Fox&Friends, find the videos (below the fold) very uplifting! Jon Stewart provides us with a look at all some wholesome family fun (Gretchen loved it) in the bizarro world of Fox&Friends which, as a family (or any other kind of show), is a joke!

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