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Outmaneuvered at ACORN Anniversary, Glenn Beck Brags Fox Will Bring About Disbanding Of ACORN

Reported by Ellen - June 19, 2009 -

Glenn Beck thought he had so cleverly arranged to crash ACORN’s anniversary party Wednesday night by sending reporter Griff Jenkins, dressed in a tuxedo and standing on a red carpet, to ambush attendees on their way in or out. But the tables were turned by OpenLeft.com’s Adam Green who surprised Jenkins with a microphone and a camera of his own. Green asked Jenkins about a 2004 Fox News directive, “Do not fall into the easy trap of mourning the loss of US lives and asking out loud why are we there?” Not surprisingly, Jenkins ducked the question and became flummoxed as Green peppered him with relentless questions. Not only had the hunter been captured by the prey but the video became an instant hit on YouTube with well over 111,000 views a little more than 24 hours later. Last night (6/18/09), Beck ratcheted up the theatrics and cranked up the smear machine in response. In a tacit admission of Fox's conservative agenda, Beck bragged that because of Fox's reporting, ACORN would disband. With video.

Beck began by gleefully mocking and smearing one woman who had spoken amicably to Griff Jenkins on her way in or out of the party. Beck didn’t have the decency or the journalistic integrity to give her a chance to defend herself.

“Our cameras weren’t allowed into last night’s exclusive ACORN anniversary party,” Beck groused. Gee, I wonder why.

Beck prodded Jenkins, “You actually were kind of assaulted, weren’t you?”

For some reason, Jenkins didn’t want to go there. “Not necessarily assaulted,” he told Beck. But Jenkins did say that he had “pointed out that those people (ACORN)... were under investigation... for voter registration violations.”

I believe that in reality, it’s a handful of ACORN workers who are under investigation. But if that’s such a big deal, why hasn’t Jenkins been investigating Fox News fave Ann Coulter, currently under investigation for actual voter fraud? He wouldn’t even have to stake her out, given that she’s so ubiquitous on Fox. Surely Jenkins and Beck must be very curious to hear Coulter’s explanation as to why she voted in Connecticut while allegedly living in New York, especially since no other host seems to have even asked Coulter about the charges.

Beck also smeared Rep. Maxine Waters. Jenkins had disingenuously asked Waters if she’d call for ACORN “just to open their books... Let’s see everything so we can put this behind us.”

Waters declined, answering that the matter is already in the criminal justice system. “Let the investigation go forward, as it should. It’s not my business to interject myself in it,” she told Jenkins.

In the studio, Beck distorted her words and, mugging for the camera, said with exaggerated incredulity, “Maxine Waters actually said, ‘It’s none of my business?’” No, she actually said it’s not her business to interfere in a matter that’s already being investigated.

Then it was on to Open Left’s Green. Jenkins, with faux innocence, was shown saying, “I wanted to ask the organizers why we were not allowed in but some other form of media was.” A banner on the screen read, “Fox News banned from event, far-left opinion media let in.”

I suppose Fox meant to imply that ACORN was so radical that it would only allow far-left radicals in (though only on Fox would Open Left be considered "far left"), while keeping out “real journalists" like Fox News. But the banner also suggested that ACORN thought even the most biased reporting would have more integrity than Fox’s. And, judging from the underhanded tactics in just this segment alone (not to mention several past segments), they were obviously right.

Jenkins played some excerpts of his run in with Green (the entirety of which can be seen here). Jenkins, apparently determined to demonstrate that ACORN had committed some kind of ethical transgression by barring him from the event, asked Green why he had been allowed inside and not Jenkins. Green replied, “I’m a blogger.”

“He’s with the press,” Jenkins said to a woman, presumably with ACORN, who stuck her hand in front of the camera. “We were told it was closed (to) press.”

Jenkins went on to demand of Green, “Do you believe in the First Amendment?” That was another disingenuous gotcha, as the First Amendment has NOTHING to do with press being allowed into a private function. You’d think that as a journalist Jenkins would know that. Or maybe he did know and was deliberately lying. Neither way reflects favorably on him.

Beck concluded the segment with the inadvertent revelation that Fox News has a conservative agenda: “I’m going to make a prediction here,” Beck said, hammily putting a piece of paper over his eyes, feigning the pose of a television psychic. “My prediction is that ACORN is gonna get so much heat because of this network and ONLY because of this network that they are going to disband... You will see ACORN kind of mutate, change, go underground. This is what they do. This is what these community organizers do. It’s not about ACORN. It’s about all the people involved and the network of ACORN. Mark my words, things are going to change (I think he said, “at ACORN,” but the video was cut off).”