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Fox Nation Don’t Need No Slavery Apology

Reported by Priscilla - June 19, 2009 -

I wondered if Fox Nation would report on this and lo and behold there’s a thread today. Not surprisingly, Fox Nation doesn’t think it was necessary. “Bobby,” who wants to know if this “opens the door” for compensation, should do a little googling and s/he would find that the resolution clearly does not allow for reparations. And this comment, from Bonnie, needs translation: “THAT'S FUNNY,POLITITIONS NEVER HAD THE THOUGHT OR APOLOGIE FOR AN APPROVED RESOLUTION BEFORE FROM THE SENATE, I GUESS IT'S BETTER THAN RETROBUTION, NOW THAT WE HAVE A SO CALLED BLACK PRES.” Anyway, nothing overtly racist so far (Fox Nation on good behavior or just good moderating?) but the day is still young!