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Even Barack Obama's Father Gets Attacked In Fox Nation

Reported by Priscilla - June 19, 2009 -

Fox Nation is a Christian nation. Many of the comments, especially the anti-Islamic ones, make the claim about how America was founded on Christian values and the “libs” (whom these Fox Nation denizens hate) are trying to eliminate Christianity from the fabric of American life. But apparently, these fine Fox Nation “Christians” were asleep in Sunday School because they didn’t get the message that Christianity is not about hatred – especially the kind of visceral hatred shown by Fox Nation towards President Barack Obama – a hatred that oozes forth even in threads that aren’t specifically about Obama. The following comments are from a Fox News report about federal funds being allocated to a University of Indiana study about condom usage. Citizens Against Government Waste, a group associated with big tobacco, is critical of this use of funds. Obviously, the merits of this can be debated. But leave it to the nice conservative Christians to use this thread to bash not only Obama – but his father. Stay classy, Fox Nation dwellers!

Update - Saturday, June 20th - Comments still on blog. Nice work, Fox Nation moderators!