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Fox Attacks Obama For Suggesting Fox Is Devoted To Attacking Him

Reported by Ellen - June 17, 2009 -

Gee, Fox News depicts President Barack Obama as an America-hating, socialist radical, suggests that he deliberately insulted Israel, likens him to a cancer in the country, accuses him of making the country more vulnerable to terrorist attacks, and suggests he should be investigated by the Department of Homeland Security - and that's not counting the vicious readers' comments about him at The Fox Nation website (screen grabs after the jump) and now the "fair and balanced" network is attacking him again for saying there's one network "entirely devoted to attacking my administration." Well, maybe Fox has a point. After all, they do spend a fair amount of time attacking Nancy Pelosi, ACORN and Democrats, in general, so it's not just Obama.

From the Fox Nation post about Obama's comment, given the inflammatory title, President Takes Swipe at FOX News ... What's Going On Here?