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Fox Nation Embraces White Supremacists

Reported by Priscilla - June 16, 2009 -

It’s not really surprising given the racism and intolerance shown by Fox Nation “citizens;” but for them to actually support white supremacists, in the US Army, is a bit – ah – unsettling. When I read the article in Salon, about how the military’s admission’s standards have been loosened to accept white supremacists, I was appalled. Not so Fox Nation whose outrage about the Homeland Security Report, caused by their belief that the report targeted “conservatives,” seems to indicate that they either have no problem with white supremacists or that they are the white supremacists who do, sorry Fox Nation, bear monitoring. Anyway, here are some choice comments from the “volk” in the Fox Nation Fatherland responding to the Fox Nation headline: "Far-Left Media Accuse U.S. Army of Enlisting Neo-Nazis."

Folks from the Fox Nation Reich seem to think that having white supremacists, in the military, is fine because it’s just another political opinion. They are saying that who cares about politics when in a battle. Of course, the notion that having white supremacists (who – ah – hate brown/black/non Christian people) is a problem for troop morale (the military is very diverse) seems to be missing from the equation as is the problem of having racist white supremacists based in lands where there are brown/black/non Christian people. But “Bob” from Louisiana summed it up with his hope that the neo Nazis will assault liberals. Gotta love that “mutual respect” that Fox Nation fosters.