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Fox Nation "Statement Of Purpose" Doesn’t Match “Nation’s” Rhetoric

Reported by Priscilla - June 15, 2009 -

The Examiner has an excellent analysis of the new Fox Nation commercial which has Fox News personalities each reciting a line from the “mission statement” of the Fox Nation. After quoting the line and who said it, the article then posts hateful statements of “Nation” inhabitants which totally contradict the flowery rhetoric of the ad. I’ve seen the commercial and I’ve thought, WTF? What really disappointed me was seeing Geraldine Ferraro, a Fox correspondent, touting the party line. Ms. Ferraro, you were, along with Gloria Steinem, Bella Abzug, and Shirley Chisholm, one of my feminist heroes. How can you articulate support for a website that stands against the things that we fought, and continue to fight, against – particularly racism? It’s hard to believe that you, our first female vice-presidential candidate, are touting a website that promotes vacuous and anti-gay ex beauty pageant queens. But you have the right to free speech, so use it and be well.

Anyway, check out the article (which links to one of my threads, thank you very much) for the lofty lines of the Fox Nation ad (video below the fold) which discusses “mutual respect” – a concept that is missing in the quotes which are standing on the site where “mutual respect” isn’t a family value!


Note - Comment encouraging "skinhead" violence towards Obama has been sent to the FBI.