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Glenn Beck Segment Blames The Left For Holocaust Museum Shooting

Reported by Ellen - June 13, 2009 -

That uber-patriot Glenn Beck and his guests wasted no time cranking out the spin machine in the wake of the shooting of the Holocaust Museum guard last week. Instead of reflecting on the obvious issue: a second instance of right-wing, extremist violence in less than two weeks, those patriots got right to their partisan points: blaming Democrats and the left. One guest even made the ludicrous suggestion that the Holocaust Museum shooter was a leftist. Beck suggested he was akin to Rev. Jeremiah Wright.

Notice how the first guest in the interview below, Harry Binswanger, of the Ayn Rand Institute, uses the shooting to smear President Obama as being too soft on Iran in a suggestion that the two issues are somehow connected. In his next remarks, he says the alleged shooter, a white supremacist, "is a phenomenon of the left. Because racism is a form of collectivism. The right wing is individualists." Not content to stop there, he took the next step of claiming the left led to Hitler.

Did "patriotic" Beck stop his guest from making these outrageous claims during a time of tragedy? No, he "just asked" "How did it happen" that Nazis came to be looked at as right wing?" Maybe because those extremists find their views hyper-validated by the kind of language that's common on Fox.

So Beck fanned the flames further by suggesting the shooter was somehow in sync with the Obama administration: "America, we're surrounded by people who want to control you... We have a guy in the White House right now who, if you're gonna link people to (the Museum shooter), ...let's talk about the relationship with Barack Obama and Rev. Jeremiah Wright."

Yup, "patriot" Beck used this awful killing to suggest that Obama is not far afield from the Museum suspect.

"Not that I'm tying Barack Obama to any kind of violence," Beck added, then insisted, "We've got to not play politics." (His emphasis.)

Binswanger added, "You find on the left now, a lot of pro-Palestinian sentiment and anti-Semitism. It's no longer unrespectable to be anti-Semitic on the left."

No objection from "unpolitical" Beck.

It's enough to make you cry.

(H/T reader Doug for the video)