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Fox Nation Keeps That Hate A Churning And A Burning

Reported by Priscilla - June 12, 2009 -

Why, when there are so many major issues of importance needing reasoned discussion, does Fox Nation choose topics which stir up hatred by Fox Nation inhabitants towards Americans? After the last little bout of “anger” you’d think that somewhere, in the bowels of the Murdoch “evil empire,” somebody would say “enough.” But no, Fox Nation keeps getting its hate on – an on an on – with a site devoted to topics guaranteed to getting that hatred up to a nice, smooth simmer. One wonders what the percentage is in appealing to a narrow and hateful demographic whose dislike of “the rest” of us is, not so articulately expressed, on Fox Nation. Perhaps it’s a form of group therapy – a place where haters can feel comfortable clinging to the last vestiges of an increasingly archaic culture that doesn’t reflect today’s “American Dream.” But the “beat goes on, the beat goes on. Drums keep pounding rhythm to the brain…”

Today’s lede articles aim straight at the gut of the pitchfork gang: “Palin Demands Letterman Apology, Tells Americans To Rise Up” – “NY Times Paul Krugman Blames Beck For ‘Right Wing Extremist Hate” – “Exclusive, Carrie Prejean. I’m a Victim of My Beliefs” – and “What, Washington Post’s Kinsley Says National Anthem “Has Got to Go.” There is a big photo of Obama next to Putin with the caption “Notice the Similarities, Some Do.” (236 comments on that one!) There is an article about how Pelosi is “Putting Our Troops in Danger.” And under "Culture" (Ha!) there is this: “Hateful Faithful on the Left Help Ax Miss California” which is an article by Dan Gainor, by one of Brent Bozell’s acolytes over at the Media Research Center (no bias there, no sirree!). The article about Chastity Bono’s sex change is in with a group of other articles and doesn’t have a comment section. One can only imagine the level of discussion that would engender. And while there is an article about the military recruiter shooter claiming that the shooting was justified, there is nothing about Scott Roeder’s bizarre worldview. The only article about the Tiller murder was taken down a week ago. And the only article about the Holocaust Museum shooting is a thread, taken from Brent Bozell’s Newsbusters, about a nasty, bad reporter from a Texas newspaper who “equates the tea party protesters with Holocaust Museum shooter.” Actually, the reporter’s article is far more nuanced; but leave it to Fox Nation to take a discussion about the climate of hate and turn it into a hate fest. Way to go Fox Nation.

I’ll leave you with some comments from the Kinsley thread. His article, from the Washington Post, is basically about the difficulties of singing the National Anthem. But the pitchfork gang see this as treason. While the Second Amendment is worshipped by Fox Nation – the First, not so much. (There was an anti-ACLU thread last week.) But I gotta hand it to Fox Nation. It provides a convenient one stop center for all the hateful stuff (directed at the "libs") that Fox News, in the interest of “fair and balanced,” can’t really put on their site. If you’re sick of biased media, avoid Fox Nation – like the plague!