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Fox Nation Says Yes To Biased Media

Reported by Priscilla - June 10, 2009 -

Fox Nation’s red, white, and blue advertisement says that “it’s time to say no to biased media.” Are the headline writers oblivious to this imperative or do they just not, in the interests of partisan propaganda, give a crap? I ask the question because today’s top lede makes this – ah – biased comment: “Repulsive Bill Maher Panel Slanders Reagan.” Isn’t the inclusion of a subjective modifier, before Maher’s panel's name, a teensy bit – ah – biased? (Are they referring to Maher or his panel or both as "repulsive?") But ya gotta love Fox Nation priorities. We have economic problems, conflict in the Middle East, and all sorts of other issues worth noting; but Fox Nation is concerned about what “the repulsive Bill Maher Panel" (Maher is a comedian) says. However, it does provide the Fox Nation with yet another opportunity to engage in yet more less than lucid primal screams about those evil liberals. And this story is a “twofer” because, as the photo shows, Maher was talking to an African American. Beyond inciting more hatred, this big, lede story is silly and yet another example of Fox Nation "biased media."