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Beck Likens Obama To A Cancer In The Country

Reported by Ellen - June 10, 2009 -

Glenn Beck, who puts himself forth as such a great patriot that he gets weepy just thinking about how much he loves his country, showed off his latest way to smear it yesterday (6/9/09): by likening President Barack Obama to a cancer. With video.

Early in the show, Beck fingered Obama as part of the movement he submits is destroying America, the progressives. Of course, Beck and the panel didn't stop there with the Obama attacks. They also painted him as an unpatriotic Marxist, someone who is against the separation of powers and, adding a little extra fear mongering, Beck announced that much worse is yet to come.

In an unbalanced panel that included no Obama defenders, Fox & Friends host Gretchen Carlson complained, “I don't think (President Obama) said there was going to be an assault on private enterprise (during the campaign).”

“Yes, he did,” replied Beck.

Carlson continued, “I submit to you that this is one of the more unpatriotic things, to shut down profitable businesses.”

Beck said, “His whole life is riddled with Marxists. He is a progressive! And this is what progressives do!” Beck started hitting the table. “This is what they did in World War II. They kept us in the Depression for 10 years! And nobody wants to listen to it... There's much more worse to come.”

Later, Beck began the first of two segments about the evils of progressivism. Beck introduced it by saying, in his “aw, shucks” mode, “I'm just like you (except that he makes an incredibly good living doing his best to scare the rest of us to death)... For a long time, I went 'How did we possibly get here?'” Meaning, of course, on the verge of DOOM. “I didn't want to believe that we were headed down the path that it looks like we are.” Then he went on to plug the next issue of his magazine. “My next issue... is all about the CANCER (his emphasis) that is in this country. This is the problem in our country. It is called progressivism.” Beck must really like that line because he called progressivism a cancer the day before, too, though in the earlier show, he lumped John McCain in with the progressives.

The two guests had written articles for that special issue of Beck's magazine.

“We are on the road to FASCISM!” Beck said, in his self-important way.

“The czar thing is absolutely amazing,” guest Matthew Spalding said. “This is what they did in the 30's in Italy... What makes this all fit together, what's the pattern here... it's progressivism.” Noting that it was all “laid out” in the 1910's and 1920's, Spalding added, “Barack Obama is a disciple of that understanding of things. He's audacious enough to think he can actually bring it off. He's doing it in a very radical way.”

A banner on the screen read, “America's progressive movement.”

Guest R. J. Pestritto said he thought the progressive movement went back to the 1880's. Query: So has there been a cancer growing in this country for 130 years or so? Nobody said one way or the other.

“Progressives knew that their vision of government could not proceed on the basis of the original model of the separation of powers,” Pestritto continued. He claimed that progressives want Congress to “pass very vaguely worded laws, just like the TARP law is.”

After a break, Beck leaned in to the camera lens and spoke to his audience, grandiosely addressing it as “America,” as he usually does, despite the fact that given Obama's enduring popularity, chances are good the audience is nothing like America. “If you want to understand the news and the future of America, you have to understand early 20th century progressivism.”

Citing Obama's supposed progressivist motivation, Spalding declared, “(Obama) wants to completely remake all politics and societies – not just politics, not just the courts. It's everything.”

Looks like we'd all better hurry to Beck's Doom Bunker.