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When Will Bill O’Reilly Stop Smearing Dr. Tiller?

Reported by Priscilla - June 9, 2009 -

Operation Rescue and all the other anti choice zealots must be so proud of Bill O’Reilly. Bill the “Baby Saver” is still continuing his smearfest against the late Dr. George Tiller who was the latest victim of an anti abortion jihad whose flames are still being stoked by America’s Daddy. Last night’s “Talking Points,” another little shout out to Bill’s anti choice pals, just reinforced Bill’s tired “pro-life” talking points about just how evil Dr. Tiller was – and by contrast just how noble Bill O’Reilly is for fighting the god ordained fight against Tiller and all those who challenge Bill’s “traditionalist” worldview. But the incendiary language continues even after Scott Roeder predicted that there will be more anti-abortion violence. And Bill O’Reilly is there to provide some pep talk!

Bill’s theme was the hypocrisy of liberals regarding human rights. Not surprisingly, he worked in his perfunctory anti choice piece (Operation Rescue is cheering loudly) within his perfunctory critique of liberals and his perfunctory criticism of the NY Times. After speaking about how liberals are unfairly painting America as a “torture nation,” Bill said “but when a liberal cause is shown to be brutal, left wing reaction is something else.” Behind him was a translation (always provided for viewers who might not get what he says) of his words: “Liberal hypocrisy, when a liberal cause – i.e. late term abortions provided by Dr. Tiller is shown to be brutal, it’s another story." Despite Dr. Tiller operating fully within the law, Reilly continued his defamation in saying that “investigators in Kansas found strong evidence that late term abortion doctor George Tiller, who was murdered by a domestic terrorist, destroyed viable fetuses for trivial reasons.” In addition to repeating the term “destroyed fetuses,” he, once again, resurrected the anti choice belief that Dr. Paul McHugh found evidence that "Dr. Tiller used the so called mental health provision to brutally terminate fetuses for just about any reason.” (Here we go again!) Bill said that “liberal newspapers had no problem with that, in fact the Times even called Tiller a hero.” The backdrop read, “Some left wing newspapers have even portrayed Dr. Tiller as a hero.” Bill then lurched ass backward into bizarro world with this: “The waterboarding of heinous terrorists who participated in mass murder is called barbaric; but the destruction of late term fetuses for casual reasons is heroic. If that’s liberalism, I would never be a part of it.” (So if late term abortions are like waterboarding, does that mean that O’Reilly thinks that it’s torture? I’m confused!) More editorializing and contempt for women who made difficult decision involving their lives with this: “There is no question that what Tiller did was brutal and has nothing to do with Roe V Wade as the liberal media would have you believe.” (No, Bill, not the liberal media but the Kansas Judiciary system.) He added that “36 states have outlawed or restricted late term abortions. Four others have fought the courts to outlaw it because it is brutal and is always lethal.”

Comment: Bill O’Reilly’s views are beneath contempt. Dr. Tiller is dead; yet O’Reilly continues to smear him with allegations that the court system did not deem sufficient for charges to be pressed. As I noted before, despite Paul McHugh’s “evidence” of illegal late term abortions, the investigation was dropped. So O'Reilly comment about "investigators" finding "strong evidence" is a lie if the investigators worked for the AG! In fact the Kansas Attorney General issued McHugh a cease and desist order which is the legal equivalent of STFU and probably why we don’t see McHugh appearing on The Factor. One wonders if the late term abortion records that Bill O’Reilly supposedly had in his possession came from McHugh – in which case McHugh should have been investigated for violation of confidentiality. But at the time, the Kansas AG was the anti choice zealot and Tiller persecutor, Phil Kline so it never happened. Bill O’Reilly refers to the brutality and “lethality” of late term abortion without a shred of sympathy for the woman who could die if this procedure was not done. Bill is not a stupid man; but is he in such denial that he won’t acknowlege the medical reasons why this procedure is done? Is he such a misogynist that he truly believes that women have late term abortions because they are having a bad hair day and if they have a deformed fetus or a life threatening situation, they should just suck it up? “Trivial” reasons for late term abortions, excuse me! The AMA cites the reasons (secondary source – JAMA is subscription only) for late term abortions; but Bill probably thinks they’re a liberal, commie pinko group. And what happens to all those “babies” that Bill wants to save? If they’re born to women with no support systems, they might have to rely on government programs which Bill, as a good “traditionalist,” opposes. And here’s another question – if Maureen O’Reilly had a life threatening pregnancy which necessitated a late term abortion would Bill prohibit her from having it? One thing is for sure, she would go to a hospital and wouldn’t have to walk through a phalanx of crazed clinic protestors incited by Bill O’Reilly’s inflammatory rhetoric – which just doesn’t stop!

Oh and one question, Bill. If Scott Roeder is, as you correctly say, a domestic terrorist and he’s predicting more abortion related violence, should he be waterboarded? Just asking…