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Does Bill O’Reilly Hate Women?

Reported by Priscilla - June 8, 2009 -

Bill O’Reilly, a man whose idea of sexy fun is to sneak up behind a showering woman (after plying her with wine), is anti-abortion. He sees abortions as one of the many evils being perpetrated by those liberals who are out to destroy traditionalist society as we know it. During his many tirades about godless liberals, Bill talks about their agenda which includes “abortion on demand.” This, of course, conjures up images of pregnant Trotskyites storming the doors of hospitals and clinics in order to demand their abortions. (Appendectomy demanders are less strident!) Reality is that those who are pro-choice want to keep abortion safe and legal. But Bill is convinced that abortion is a casual thing for women who think no more about having an abortion than they would a pedicure and that suggests a certain lack of sensitivity, dare I say misogyny, towards women on Bill’s part. But he is looking out for us; so I guess it’s all good!

Bill’s reporting on Dr. Tiller has really exposed his twisted views. As I have noted, he told Glen Beck that women, for a price, can get a late term abortion from Dr. Tiller for any reason, including not enjoying the Glen Beck show that day. This isn’t anything new. I found an article by O’Reilly, on the Operation Rescue website from November 17th 2006, entitled “Who will save the babies? With God’s help you and I can.” Bill accuses, without any evidence, Tiller of helping women to “walk away from their pregnancy at any time” because the laws are “vague.” He then goes to denigrate these women with difficult pregnancies and situations with this: “But in Kansas, if the mom is feeling a bit blue on Tuesday and carries a certified check, Dr. Tiller is willing and able to terminate the baby.” So Dr. Bill thinks that depression, which can, in many cases, lead to suicide, is no big deal – just a “bit blue.” My question is how many babies did Bill save and are they living with him in that nice Manhasset mansion?

Flash forward to this past week and we have O’Reilly defending his jihad against Tiller. In an article published in the Ventura County Star, Bill lashed out at this critics who called him hateful. He, once again, claimed that he was only “reporting’ that other people called Tiller the Killer. (Yeah, right!) Bill, once again, claimed that he is the victim of the far left who are exploiting Tiller’s death at the hands of an “anti-government militant” (Wrong Bill, he is an anti-abortion militant). Bill claimed that the NY Times didn’t tell the whole story about Tiller, which, I guess would be all the conspiratorial claims and unsubstantiated crap that Bill and his anti choice cronies were pushing. Naturally, Bill cited the 60,000 “destroyed” fetuses that could have lived outside the womb. Naturally, he didn’t mention that many of these fetuses and the women who were carrying them had terrible health problems which was reported in the NY Times in an article titled “Dr. Tiller’s Important Job.” This story reported that it was determined, at the 18 week period of the pregnancy, a 9 year old’s body would be ripped apart by labor and delivery. This child was impregnated after having been raped by her father. Dr. Tiller saved her life – for free. But I guess Bill wouldn’t have had a problem with the child dying as long as the “baby” survived in which case it would have been brought to America’s Daddy’s mansion in Manhasset where they all would have lived happily ever after.

Bill O’Reilly is a bloviating pundit who is ignorant of women's reproductive issues. He actually made the statement that there are no pregnancy complications that could endanger a woman’s life which, as we know, is wrong. But worse than the ignorance is the disdain that he shows when he is proven wrong – as demonstrated by this tape of his interview with NY NARAL Vice-President of Communication Mary Alice Carr (who will no longer appear on the O’Reilly show as a result of the Tiller killing). Bill started off (perfunctory thumb sucking fetus behind him) with a rant about a Virginia judge who objected to the state passage of the “so called” partial birth law because it didn’t contain an exception for the health of the mother which according to Bill, could be a “headache before delivery,” Bill claimed (with no evidence) that this is a “ruse used for years.” When Bill cited a poll that showed American’s didn’t support partial birth abortion, Carr asked what kind of questions were asked. When Bill asserted that “health,” within the legislation, wasn’t defined, Carr specified a number of “health related” conditions. Bill started to get agitated and didn’t want to hear what the AMA had said about the procedure. When Carr cited a situation where future fertility would be affected if an abortion were not done, Bill said, "We know a lot of lunatic women who abuse this law." Carr said that “when doctors have a woman sitting in their office who may not be able to have future children, do you think that the woman should have a right to make that decision?” Bill said (drum roll, please) “No, I don’t.” He than launched into a rant about how “this is a headache. If you have a headache, you can have an abortion.”

Comment: So there you have it. Bill O’Reilly thinks us gals are just so self absorbed that we get abortions for a headache. He refuses to acknowledge the medical complications that would lead to the difficult decision to have a late term abortion. I guess, in Bill’s mind, us gals merely exist as incubators for the sacred sperm and any medical problems (headaches) are just malingering on the part of those gals who are denying our god given responsibility. But Bill does know what woman really, really want and that is a nice falafel massage, so what can I tell ya! And if you get pregnant, after that erotic moment, just say you have a headache – problem solved! Does Bill O’Reilly hate women – I report, you decide?

Note: This is a very moving and eloquent testimony, by a former patient, about Dr. Tiller on Feministe: "The Personal, the Political, and Dr. Tiller"