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Cavuto Allows Pawlenty's Fear Mongering About Obama

Reported by Ellen - June 7, 2009 -

Co-authored by Brian

On Wednesday's (6/3/09) Your World, Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty, a Republican who just happens to be reportedly mulling a 2012 challenge to President Obama, joined Neil Cavuto to accuse Barack Obama of being a socialist and suggesting he has destroyed the United States “that we know and love and remember” and turning the country into “some sort of republic from the South America circa 1970's.” There was not a peep of objection from Cavuto to Pawlenty's over-the-top remarks. With video.

"This is sadly reminiscent of the kinds of things we would expect from South America some decades ago,” Pawlenty said, without naming a single specific country. “We're seeing the nationalization of the auto industry. You're soon going to see the full or partial nationalization of the health care industry, and you're soon gonna see the nationalization under the Obama administration of the energy industry and that, of course, puts the politicians and people making decisions that the market and private businesses should be making and this is just the tip of the iceberg." I'm surprised Glenn Beck didn't pop up out his Doom Bunker.

Cavuto barely took note of the fear-mongering other than to offer a half-hearted defense of the White House overseeing GM by noting that it has a 60% stake in the company. But, he asked sympathetically (to Pawlenty), "How is, for example, GM, ever to turn itself around when it's got 535 bosses popping off what they should do?"

Not suprisingly, Pawlenty thought that nearly impossible. "It's going to be hard enough for GM to make the pivot to the new economy and do what they need to do without the weight of the United States Congress on their back. They should've been in bankruptcy last year. They should've gone in without having to worry about all the politics and psychometrics around what the UAW think."

Cavuto asked, "Do you think that some of them, in their heart of hearts, these executive are saying, 'Man, if this is what a rescue is all about, we shouldn't have gotten rescued?'"

Yes, Pawlenty did. He noted that one bank in Minnesota gave “the money” back. Then he quickly returned to his fear mongering. “But beyond just the money and the politics. Just as a matter of philosophy and our country. The nationalization of the auto industry, the likely partial or full nationalization of the health care industry and the energy industry, this is going to be a very different country 12-24 months from now, and is headed in the wrong direction in terms of government micromanaging or intervening and, worse yet, funding and subsidizing and taking over entire parts of our economy. This is not the United States of America that we know and love and remember. It looks more like some sort of republic from the South America circa 1970's."

Pawlenty said he's not "ruling anything in or out" in terms of a 2012 Presidential run. But he promised to lend his voice to improving his party and making sure it's a “modern, forward-leaning party.”

Comment: The auto industry has not been nationalized and the government is not taking over energy or health care. It's hard to see how this kind of fear mongering helps create a “modern, forward-leaning party” or helps solve the country's problems at all.