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We're One Of The Top 100 Most Influential Political Blogs!

Reported by Ellen - June 6, 2009 -

ABC News published Wikio.com's list of top 100 most influential political blogs. News Hounds is 84. As ABC explains, rankings are based on links from other blogs, with more weight given to blogs higher on the list and on how recent an entry is.

Many of our favorites are there, too, several in the top 10: Huffington Post is #1, Think Progress #2, Talking Points Memeo #9, Firedoglake #11, Daily Kos #12, Crooks and Liars #13. Pollingreport #72, Brad Blog #75. You can read the full listing from Wikio here.

Which ones are your faves?

I feel incredibly honored to be on this list. I never dreamed five years ago, when we started this blog, that anyone but us and a few like-minded associates would even read it, much less call us "influential." Thank you to Priscilla, Alex, Julie, Brian and Dan plus all our terrific moderators. And we would never have made the list without the long-time work of some former blogmates: chrish, Deborah, Melanie, Marie Therese, Judy, Nancy and Donna and most especially, blogfather Jim Gilliam.