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Bill O’Reilly Smears Dr. Tiller, as “Dr. Killer,” And Women Who Have Late Term Abortions

Reported by Priscilla - June 5, 2009 -

As part of the “culture war,” Bill O’Reilly must be a commissioned officer in the anti-choice storm trooper division. In “looking out for us,’ he knows what’s best for women and as such, is very concerned about their reproductive organs. His dismay about the demise of the white, Christian, male power structure indicates that he would love to go back to those halcyon days when big daddy knew best, and submissive mommy stayed home, baked cookies, and had nice, white babies - The good old days when uppity women, who denied their mission as mothers, bled to death or were maimed for life as a result of back alley abortions and “homemade” remedies for unwanted pregnancy (served em right, eh, Bill?) Those happy days when women accepted the “shame” of an unintended pregnancy, dropped out of school, and gave their babies up for either adoption in a nice white home, or not so nice orphanages where abuse ran rampant. Because the late Dr. Tiller (and the women who accessed his service) defied Bill's 50's world view, Bills continues his justification of his jihad against Tiller and those stupid, silly women who have late term abortions.

Earlier this week June 3rd, America’s Daddy began his segment with the usual vitriol against the NY Times and the “liberal media” saying that they believe that “aborting fetuses at any time should be the law of the land.” Beside him was an anti-choice (and I use the word because the anti-abortion movement seeks to deny women the right to choose their own reproductive decisions) poster of a fetus, sucking its thumb, against a backdrop of the American flag. Bill read, with venom in his voice, part of the NYT editorial which “glorifed” Dr. Tiller. He also showed a photo of a rabbi who described Tiller as a martyr. (Hmm, Jews are overwhelmingly pro-choice. Was this a bit of the anti-Semitism shown by the “pro-life” side?) In introducing his discussion with former NOW President and attorney, Patricia Ireland, Bill summarized how late term abortions were understandable in “catastrophic” circumstances but Tiller performed abortions “for much less than that.” (And Bill, how exactly do you know that?) Ireland explained that the state can prohibit abortions past the first trimester with the exception of the woman's health or life. Bill's disdain for women was shown in this comment: “It’s gotta be more defined than health because health can be a migraine headache.” When Ireland replied that Bill’s comment was “demeaning,” he took a right turn into lala land when he claimed that he could “prove” that Tiller went “far beyond serious health consequences.” Ireland said that although she believed life begins a conception, we have to respect the lives of the women as they are “existing” life as opposed to “potential life.” Bill then worked in the perfunctory smear of Tiller when he referred to a “doctor who was aborting viable fetuses for any reason, if you had the money, Tiller would do it.” (This is outrageous, as Bill’s accusations have never been proven.) “Proof” of this, for Bill, was the testimony of Doctor Paul McHugh who obtained Tiller’s records and claimed that he didn’t think records "substantiated substantial health impairment" on the part of those seeking an abortion. McHugh claimed that some of the women said that “they wouldn’t be able to go to concerts…” Bill, not surprisingly, said that he believed Dr. McHugh’s contention that “anything was an excuse to abort a late term fetus.” Ireland mentioned Tiller’s acquittal and said that you can’t compare Tiller’s act to Hitler or Mao. O’Reilly, voice getting louder talked over Ireland and demanded to know what she would call them if “what Dr. McHugh says is true.” When Ireland said that it was not true and demeaning to women to say that we have late term abortions because we can’t go to concerts, Bill talked over and asked if she was calling McHugh a liar. The issue then degenerated into Bill repeating the “are you calling McHugh a liar” strategy. Bill interjected that he “knows women in a panic might do anything.” When Ireland said that Tiller’s records said that these things didn’t happen, Bill turned the onus of the debate on her by saying “how do you know, have you examined the records” to which she answered in the affirmative and added that Kansas would not have allowed that. She cited specific medical reasons for late term abortion. Lawyer/Doctor Bill said that “it has been proven beyond a reasonable doubt, in Dr. “Killer’s” case that wasn’t what he was doing.”

Comment: O’Reilly has already mocked those who have late term abortion as airheads who, if they didn’t like the Glen Beck show, would just go in and out to have their abortion. This kind of rhetoric shows a total distain and lack of concern for women whose abortion procedures amount to more than “go in and out.” But Bill was able to get some validation by playing the McHugh tape. A little background here: As part of a witch hunt against Dr. Tiller by rabid anti-abortion Kansas Attorney General Phil Kline, McHugh was commissioned to review medical records for possible infractions of the law. The next Attorney General, Paul Morrison ended the investigation, in June 2007, with no charges filed. After McHugh released his videotape, Morrison threatened McHugh with legal action if he didn’t cease and desist talking about the case. Morrison (who didn’t believe McHugh) stated that Tiller’s “clinic provides high-quality medical care and complies with state law.” None of this was acknowledged by Bill O’Reilly who continues to wage war against Dr. Tiller and women who have late term abortions. But calling George Tiller, “Dr. Killer” – stay classy, Bill!