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Limbaugh: If Al Qaeda wants to demolish the America we know and love, they'd better hurry, because Obama's beating them to it

Reported by Ellen - June 4, 2009 -

Multi-millionaire Rush Limbaugh appeared on Hannity last night (6/3/09) where he spent most of his 15 1/2 minutes of air time whining about the terrible conditions in this country and then attacking President Barack Obama and his Supreme Court nominee Judge Sonia Sotomayor for not loving the country like he does. The America-loving Limbaugh compared Obama to Al Qaeda and Hugo Chavez, and characterized him as a radical who chose the racist Sotomayor because he wanted a “mirror image” on the Supreme Court. But if Sotomayor would admit to being willing to overturn Roe v. Wade, hey, he “might look past” her racism. Hannity hospitably accepted all of Limbaugh's inflammatory rhetoric and never challenged him for any evidence to support his hateful assertions. In fact, Hannity chimed in in agreement from time to time. And while Hannity tried to spin Limbaugh's “I hope Obama fails” comments, Limbaugh unequivocally responded by saying, “I don't hide from it. I do want and I still want Obama to fail... I define America succeeding by virtue of Obama failing. I love America!” With video.

Hannity introduced the discussion by presenting Limbaugh as a victim, describing him as “viciously attacked by the left and even criticized by so-called members of the Republican Party, like Colin Powell.”

What would a right-wing hatefest be without an attack on liberals? Before going after Obama and Sotomayor, Limbaugh mewled that he has come under attack because liberals need a villain and they need somebody to demonize “and I'm it.” The reason, he declared, is because “they can't win a debate in the arena of ideas.” Sure, and that's why the Republicans are doing so well these days and why your approval ratings were recently about 28%.

Hannity moved on to ask about the supposed distortion of Limbaugh saying he wanted Obama to fail, helpfully telling the audience, “which wasn't what you said.”

“I don't hide from it,” Limbaugh replied unhesitatingly. “I do want and I still want Obama to fail... I define America succeeding by virtue of Obama failing. I love America! I want everybody to succeed (except liberals and Democrats, of course). He's making it harder for that to happen, particularly, Sean, the middle class... It's the middle class in this country that historically has made this the greatest country on earth because of their pursuit of the American dream.”

Oh, right. We know what a champion of the middle class multi-millionaire Limbaugh is. That's why he dislikes unions, defended AIG bonuses from a "lynch mob", and why, as Eric Boehlert at Media Matters wrote, he "lives in the lap of Clear Channel-backed luxury, while Clear Channel employees are being axed with abandon. And those who are lucky enough to keep their jobs are told to do the work of three or four employees."

Hannity said, “Socialism is the Obama vision for America.”

“And fascism. We must not be afraid to use that word, either. It's a combination of the two,” Limbaugh said. But, he claimed, “I don't wish (Obama) ill as a human being.”

Really showing off his magnanimity to Obama now, Limbaugh said, “If Al Qaeda wants to demolish the America we know and love, they'd better hurry, because Obama's beating them to it.”

Limbaugh continued, “(Obama) wants to impose his values on America... I'm telling you, this guy has grown up – he was taught that there is something inherently immoral and unjust about America. And now that he leads it, he thinks it's great. Finally, America's moral; finally America's just and it's his duty to run around the world and apologize. 'Cause he thinks, he's been taught that everybody around the world hates us and doesn't like us, to the degree that he doesn't like the country the way it was constituted.”

Limbaugh never explained how he “knew” this about Obama's upbringing or what Obama has said to indicate those feelings. Hannity never asked.

Limbaugh went on to mischaracterize a joke by Hugo Chavez in which he said, “Hey, Obama has just nationalized nothing more and nothing less than General Motors. Comrade Obama! Fidel, careful or we are going to end up to his right." Limbaugh described it as, “Hugo Chavez is praising Obama as being further left, than he, Chavez, is.” “America-loving” Limbaugh added, “There's a running competition, you could keep a chart here of who's nationalizing more, Obama or Chavez.”

Actually, Big Boy, there's no comparison. As Reuters reported,

During a decade in government, Chavez has nationalized most of Venezuela's key economic sectors, including multibillion dollar oil projects, often via joint ventures with the private sector that give the state a 60 percent controlling stake.
Obama has vowed to quickly sell off General Motors once the auto giant is back on its feet, but the government will initially control the company after a $30 billion injection of taxpayer funds.
In other words, Obama did not nationalize General Motors.

In Part 2, Limbaugh attacked Colin Powell. Limbaugh claimed that there were two reasons Powell supported Barack Obama during the last election. One was “race, clearly. Nobody has the guts to say that but, I mean, what else could it be because... the ideal moderate Republican candidate (John McCain) was nominated.” Limbaugh conveniently overlooked the fact that Powell explained his endorsement on Meet the Press, saying that while he liked McCain, he thought Sarah Palin was a bad choice as a vice president and, unlike Joe Biden, was not qualified to become president. Powell also said he was troubled by the personal attacks on Obama coming from Republicans. But maybe Limbaugh, so deft at penetrating to the heart of Obama's character, knows Powell better than he knows himself.

Limbaugh further hypothesized that Powell had been so “humiliated” by accusing Iraq of having WMD's in the UN, that “his life since has been about rehabilitating himself and his image with the people who hated the Iraq war... This is about a legacy... with the people who matter most to him, the D.C. Establishment.”

Instead of asking for evidence, Hannity prodded Limbaugh into making a racial attack on Sotomayor. Unable or unwilling to have a legitimate discussion about her, Hannity began with a distortion of Sotomayor's quote about race. “We all know the quote about what she said about Latino women with the richness of their experience would more often than not reach a better conclusion than a white male. You said those comments absolutely disqualify her (because of her supposed reverse racism).”

First off, Sotomayor never said that. She said she hoped she'd reach a better conclusion than a white male. Secondly, she went on to say that she aspired to impartiality. Thirdly, she was talking about the significance of race and gender in judges deciding cases involving race and gender issues.

Limbaugh accepted Hannity's distortion as truth. “That IS a racist thing to say and it's bigoted. And she would bring, no question about it, racism and bigotry to court if she is confirmed.”

Pausing for what he obviously wanted to convey as deep reflection, Limbaugh added, “We don't know what she thinks about Roe. v. Wade. She hasn't said.” Noting that Sotomayor is “Hispanic Catholic,” Limbaugh (whom I'm sure is close to many Hispanicsnot!) said, “They tend to be devout. She has no record... If I can be assured that she is actually a pro-life person and does think that Roe v. Wade is bad Constitutional law, and if she would rule on the right side of the life issue, I might look past this racism. You can deal with that!”

Hannity, apparently quoting Limbaugh, said, “She is a reflection of Obama's racial identity.”

“Absolutely, Limbaugh agreed. “I think Obama wants his mirror image on the court. He wants a radical on the court.”

“Our own people say we gotta go easy on her because we want the Hispanic vote,” Limbaugh scoffed. “Really? … They're just trying to shut us up. A racist is a racist. They may think, Sean, it's too shrill to say, they may wish I would tone it down but nobody has refuted the charge. Nobody has said, 'No, she's not a racist.'”

Well, maybe nobody except Republican Senators Orrin Hatch and Lindsey Graham. Even Newt Gingrich has had a change of heart (after a big public outcry) and decided Sotomayor is not a racist.

“She'd bring racism and bigotry to the court. There's no other way to describe it,” Limbaugh said. I guess he used X-ray vision to look into Sotomayor's heart and mind, too.