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Bill O’Reilly’s Reason For Use Of “Baby Killer” Is Bold, Fresh Bullpucky

Reported by Priscilla - June 4, 2009 -

You just can’t make this stuff up; but Bill O’Reilly certainly does. On a recent Factor, he responded to an e-mailer who asked him whether his constant invoking of the descriptor “baby killer,” after Dr. Tiller’s name, could have inflamed the shooter. America’s all knowing and all wise Daddy claimed that the “doctor was involved in a criminal case. I reported what groups were calling him. I reported accurately.” Memo to Bill: Oh, no you didn’t! To assert that what he said was in the context of “reporting” indicates a certain denial of reality. But this is nothing new for Bill O’Reilly who still thinks of himself as a working class kid from Levittown, NY who is “looking out” for us – Not! Bill, as a good Roman Catholic, should be hot trotting his skinny toukis over to the nearest confessional because he told yet another lie, which if I recall from my Catholic background, is considered a sin – along with bearing false witness which O’Reilly did, on many occasions, in calling Tiller a killer. But that’s not a problem for Bill O’Reilly who subscribes to the philosophy of George Costanza who said “it’s not a lie if you believe it.”

Is Bill trying to “walk back” his incendiary rhetoric about Dr. Tiller – rhetoric which has resulted in an abundance of commentary regarding how Bill, like Lady Macbeth, might have some “spots” on his hands? That’s the question asked in a video, done by Media Matters, which contrasts Bill’s recent comments with past practice. Bill’s recent comments, at the beginning of the video, show that he is engaging in the same kind of incendiary, anti abortion code talk (a shout out to his fans?) with the next comment about how Dr. Tiller “destroyed” 60,000 fetuses. Bill could have used something a little less flaming and fact based such as “performed 60,000 abortions;” but hey, O’Reilly has sick minds to feed. In case his fellow “lifers” didn’t get it, he repeated the number. He went on to cite the number of late term abortions performed in 2003 alone. (Nice work Bill, instead of focusing on your incendiary language, you change the focus to Tiller’s practice. Is that to make your case that Tiller was the real “killer.”) He then spoke of Tiller’s estimated income as if that has anything to do with the case. (Memo to Bill: You make millions for spewing hatred and lies. At least Tiller was performing a vital medical service.) Bill, playing doctor (a fantasy, I’m sure, if you know what I’m saying!) claimed that late term abortions are rarely necessary and that few doctor’s perform the surgery. (Yeah, Bill, they don’t want to get shot by anti abortions zealots). Once again, I questioned what relevance all this had. Bill editorialized, “none of that seemed to matter to Tiller, nicknamed the “baby killer” by pro-life groups” who, according to Bill, were reacting to Tiller’s belief that he was helping women. The chyron above the graphic of Bill’s comments read “abortion anarchy.” The rest of the video consists of clips of Bill just casually throwing out the phrase and not appending it with a comment that this is a “nickname” (isn’t it cute, it rhymes!) given to the Doctor by Bill’s anti abortions soul mates.

Comment: As the video was time limited, only a few of the 28 instances of American Taliban O’Reilly’s Tiller as Killer references, in his jihad against Tiller, were shown. It wasn’t that long ago, that Bill tossed out the “baby killer” catch phrase during a discussion of the Tiller acquittal with Glen Beck. Bill’s denunciation of Dr. Tiller as a killer, as shown in the video and in the other documented instances, went beyond the context of reporting on the criminal case. Bill used every opportunity to invoke Tiller as Killer including discussions of the nomination of Kathleen Sebelius who despite Bill and his anti abortion cohorts is now HHS Secretary. Bill did love the little phrase. Bill even claimed that he had “incontrovertible evidence” (from an interview titled "Killing Babies In America") that Tiller was “executing babies.” (How’d that work out, Bill?) And during a discussion, shown on the video, O'Reilly accuses pro-choice (not "pro-abortion") Kathleen Sebelius of "wanting the babies done for" so he's accusing her of being a murderer, too. (Memo to Bill: she supports giving the women the right to make their own, private, and very difficult decisions.) But one wonders how Bill would feel if Keith Olbermann referred to him as Bill-do, Dildo? But words do matter and O’Reilly’s constant repetition of the meme that Dr. George Tiller, a man who performed abortions in accordance with the law, was a murderer is reprehensible for someone who claims to be a “no spin” TV journalist. Oh, and there’s another lie that needs to be pointed out. Earlier this week, O’Reilly claimed that he never incited anybody. Scuse me, how about this call to jihad from Mullah O’Reilly? Once again, Bill O’Reilly has lived up to his reputation as a lying liar. But keep spinning Bill. Apart from your crowd, the rest of us consider Dr. Tiller to be a man of honor – a description that will never apply to Bill O’Reilly whose hands are very dirty!


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