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Bill O’Reilly And His Guests - Joined At The Hip, Separated At Birth?

Reported by Priscilla - June 2, 2009 -

Last night’s performance by Bill O’Reilly was, not surprisingly, just another vile installment in his jihad against the late abortion provider, Dr. George Tiller. But being the “fair and balanced” and just the facts, ma'am, kind of guy, he interviewed people with different perspectives? Right? Wrong! His first two guests provided O’Reilly with support and validation for more ugly, bold, fresh feces to be thrown at a man who, unlike Bill O’Reilly, cared about women. Interestingly, O’Reilly’s “amen corner” shares some common interests with Bill. One of them has even appeared several times on “The Factor.” And last night they had Bill’s back, so it was all good.

Last night’s “Factor,” as noted by Ellen, was more Bill’s same old, same old whining about how he’s the victim of evil left “haters and “pro-abortion zealots.” (And his war against Tiller is not anti abortion zealotry and hate?) Bill’s guests provided a nice, snuggy echo chamber for more of narcissist Bill’s rationalizations about his one man holy war against a doctor who was providing safe, legal abortions for women whose medical and psychiatric conditions warranted the procedure. But in a classic case of “projection,” Bill asked the guests if the “far left is exploiting this?” (Oh, the irony!). His guests were only too eager to comply and provided their own bizarre commentary regarding the matter. Brian Russell, described as a part time lecturer in Kansas asserted that “saying that this drivel to you are as far off on their side of the issue as this shooter is on his.” (Oh, cool, now we’re in the same catogory as the accused killer). Kris Kobach, described as a law professor and candidate for Kansas Secretary of State, opined that had Tiller lived, he would have been successfully prosecuted (right, and Bill O’Reilly will be given the Nobel Peace Prize).

Let’s take a look at these two “fair and balanced” guests, shall we. Brian Russell (who thinks Tiller was guilty despite having been acquitted) has appeared on “The Factor” on several occasions. Bill and Brian are true soulmates. In March of 2008, both Russell and America’s daddy wagged their paternalistic fingers at college students who have no sense of shame. They both share a dislike of Dr. Tiller as shown in a March 2007 Factor segment. Bill and Brian got all zealous in their smears of Dr. Tiller. Russell must be, like O’Reilly, a real woman hater because he said, “We have late-term abortions going on in the state of Kansas because women are upset about things like not being able to go to concerts or not being able to participate in rodeos.” (Russell is a lawyer who should know that the Kansas law pertaining to late term abortions invokes only catastrophic circumstances relating to the life and health of the mother.) How like Russell’s soul mate of hate, Bill O’Reilly, who recently claimed that late term abortion is just a casual thing for those silly women: “you go in, you go the Glenn Beck program upset me today.” So – challenge on last night’s Factor from Brian Russell? Don’t think so!

Kris Kobach, as a long time Kansas Republican (who ran unsuccessfully for congress) is straight out of The Factor’s central casting. He, like O’Reilly, has a problem with immigrants and ACORN. Kobach used his legal skills to assist the mayor of Hazleton, Pennsylvania to “craft a first-of-its kind immigration ordinance that penalized local businesses and landlords for employing or renting to illegal immigrants.” The ACLU sued and the ordinance was struck down. Like O’Reilly, Kobach is concerned about voter fraud and is concerned that “the radical left” is “trying to take over the office of Secretary of State in numerous states.” His primary reason for running for the Secretary of State office is to stop ACORN because it’s a “criminal enterprise.” So – challenge on last night’s Factor from Kris Kobach? Don’t think so!

“Fair and Balanced” discussion or Echo Chamber for Fellow Travelers? I report, you decide!