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Megyn Kelly, In Discussion Of Tiller Murder, Uses O’Reilly Smear Video While Throwing In Some Smears Of Her Own

Reported by Priscilla - June 1, 2009 -

The “pro-life” condemnation of the killing of late term abortion provider, Dr. George Tiller, is sometimes accompanied by language that engages in the moral equivalency between the sin of the accused murderer and the sins of Dr. Tiller. I couldn’t help but think that Fox’s Megyn Kelly, in her discussion of whether a jury would be sympathetic to the accused, is in that camp. While the segment met the requirements of “fair and balanced,” the fact that Kelly allowed, into her “court,” a video which was part of Bill O’Reilly’s jihad against Dr. Tiller seemed to indicate a certain bias. Additionally, she raised “questions” about Tiller that have been part of the “pro-life” smear campaign against him. Her choice of vocabulary was also revealing of a certain “pro-life” sentiment. But the segment did meet the requirements of condemnation of the shooting despite Kelly’s not so subliminal comments about the late Dr. Tiller. Is Fox News trying to taint the jury pool long before the process is started? Was Megyn Kelly providing a shout out to the “pro-life” Fox audience during these troubling times? As Fox Nation would say, “what do you think?”

Kelly discussed possible jury sympathy for the accused murderer of the late abortion provider which would involve arguments making Tiller the real defendant. Legal analyst Mercedes Colwin said that this might be possible if defendant “could bring up evidence that doctor wasn’t complying with the law and that he was defending fetuses about to be killed.” Kelly’s ideological slip showed when she launched into a “pro-life” talking point about how Tiller was allowed to abort a third term “baby, viable baby” (the anti-choice movement substitutes the religious term “baby” for the scientific term “fetus”). She continued “he admitted it, he touted it on his website.” But this next comment was priceless – “According to our brain room Tiller was responsible for over 60,000 abortions. That might sound abhorrent to some of our viewers but is that a defense.” (“Brain Room?”) Colwin said the emphasis should be on the accused killer. Kelly then did a little monologue about how “There are questions about Dr. Tiller. The law requires a catastrophic event when the “baby” is viable.” She added that “they push mental health into the equation. Mental health could be affected catastrophically…if these “babies” were born. That’s why women from all over the country would go to Dr. tiller because if you have an actual life threatening event…it’s not hard to get a third term abortion. However it is hard if you’re just convinced your baby has a deformity (her voice getting louder) That was Tiller’s expertise. That was his specialty. How’s that going to play with the jury?” Legal consultant David Wohl said that jury selection is very important. Kelly said “You gotta really struggle with this. There’s no excuse for murder, what happened to Dr. Tiller yesterday and yet he will be put on trial.” (Yup, by Fox News) “We’ve looked at the facts. O’Reilly has been all over this case.” (Yeah, like flies on bold, fresh you know what!) “He had on a girl who had an abortion with Dr. Tiller when she was 14. This is the type of thing that could come in and sway a jury. This is not a Planned Parenthood abortionist. He is in league of his own.” (Bill O’Reilly engaged in a crusade against Tiller. How do we know that this girl was legit?) Colwin added that prosecutors should argue against the “vigilantism” of the accused. Wohl stated that Tiller admitted to performing abortions on women who had been raped and "that’s outside the law." This provided Kelly with grist for yet more “pro life” Tiller myth: "The problem is a lot of those people were under age and some of those were not being reported and some of those girls were reportedly between the ages of 10 and 14 and he wasn’t reporting those rapes to authorities.”(As an attorney, one would hope that Kelly would avoid stating as fact something that was not established by the court. How does Kelly know the numbers of those underaged girls as that, once again, was not established by the court. In fact, the investigation regarding the non reporting of underage girls was terminated by Kansas Attorney Paul Morrison),

“Judge” Kelly issued her “opinion”: Dr. Tiller’s abortion practices were waaay outside the mainstream by any” ( word emphasized) “standards.” Many people feel that he personally murdered tens of thousands of viable “babies" but none of that excuses his murder.” She then quoted President Obama who said that differences about abortion cannot be solved by violence.

Comment: Kelly seemed to be channeling talking points and language used by those who demonized Dr. Tiller. As such, her final (perfunctory?) comment lacked a certain – ah – sincerity? It was subtle – but the propaganda was still there. I think we know where Megyn Kelly’s sympathies lie and they’re not with Dr. Tiller who is still being smeared after his death. Nice.