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Bill O'Reilly and Glenn Beck Calling For Gov. Jindahl's Assistance With ACORN Witch-Hunt

Reported by Ellen - June 1, 2009 -

Guest blogged by Julie

On Friday, May 29, 2009, one day after Bill O'Reilly's wuss-y interview with the ACORN folks (see my post here), Glenn Beck appeared on The O'Reilly Factor to discuss spin the interview and demonize ACORN further, this time when the other side wasn't there to defend itself. But O'Reilly and Beck took it a step further this time, deciding that they'd call on Gov. Jindahl and the FBI to help with their investiation witch-hunt. With video.

Beck and O'Reilly have, for some unfathomable reason, decided ACORN is a front for some Moonie-like Ponzi scheme, and apparently have a lot of dead time to fill on their respective shows, because ACORN has been getting quite a bit of airtime.

“ The secret here is,” Beck said ominously, “ACORN is, it's a shell game . . . .”

“It's absolutely a shell game,” O'Reilly agreed.

“ . . . they'll close down ACORN, ACORN will be discredited, and you watch, all the people will move someplace else.” Gosh, guys, ACORN has offices in 110 cities in 42 states. Seems like they already are “someplace else.”

O'Reilly continued, “ . . . I don't think Ms. Lewis, the CEO, knows what's going on, I don't think she knows.” Way to rationalize your softball interview, O'Reilly. “I think it's these Rathke brothers, the one that stole a million dollars who they didn't prosecute. I think that these people are paid a nice salary . . . Ms. Lewis makes a nice living . . . I think these guys are the ones who know where the cash is.”

“Here's what I'm gonna do,” O'Reilly declared, “We're gonna ask Governor Jindahl of Louisiana . . . .”

“Good for you,” Beck approved, Think you might want to wait 'til you find out what he's gonna ask before you start kissing up, Beck? What if O'Reilly had said, “ask Governor Jindahl” to dance the hula? Or streak through Mardi Gras? Or, I don't know, resign?

“ . . . who has the authority . . . to bring in the State and to investigate it . . . We're gonna ask Jindahl to do that and we're gonna ask him to call the FBI in to assist. I think that's fair, don't you?”

“Yes I do,” Beck dutifully replied.

O'Reilly told Beck, “I want you and your staff Monday to call Jindahl as well and encourage him to do that . . . .”