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In Synch With GOP, Fox Attacks Obama's Date Night

Reported by Ellen - May 31, 2009 -

Guest blogged by Julie

The biggest headline on Foxnews.com tonight, bigger than General Motors' looming bankruptcy and bigger than Obama's health plan was the GOP "scrutiny" of the Obamas' date night last night (5/30/09). Fox helpfully spelled out that scrutiny for its readers in the subtitle to the article: President, first lady's NYC date night draws criticism from GOP, who question the night of entertainment during a recession and while automakers struggle to survive. The same story was repeated on GretaWire, too.

Jeez, this is beginning to sound almost like Sean Hannity's attack on Obama for putting mustard on his hamburger.

The accompanying AP story stated that the President and First Lady went to daughter Malia's soccer game earlier in the day, and had plans to go to New York to see a Broadway play and maybe dinner later. The story said that, “In a statement read to the press, Obama said, 'I am taking my wife to New York City because I promised her during the campaign that I would take her to a Broadway show after it was all finished.'” Well, it's all finished, he's been busting his you-know-what since January, so what's wrong with him going out with his lovely wife, to whom he is utterly devoted, in a very wonderful, family values way, and have a lovely time?

Plenty, if you're the GOP. And if you're Fox News, that criticism is the most important issue of the hour.

Of course, George W. Bush spent 487 days at Camp David and 490 days on his ranch during his two terms. I ran a search for “Bush vacation” on Fox News' website, and after going through about eleven pages of articles without finding anything about Bush taking more vacations than any president in history, I got tired and quit.

Besides the curious imbalance of attention to time off, let me point out that President Obama wasn't even on vacation – he was on a date with his wife in New York for a few hours, a short plane ride away from D.C. He undoubtedly had his Blackberry with him in case of emergency. It's not like he was off to a ranch in Texas for days at a time in the midst of multiple crises.