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Fox Nation Celebrates Tiller Murder

Reported by Priscilla - May 31, 2009 -

I'm not surprised. On the Fox Nation side bar article, "Abortion Doctor George Tiller Reportedly Killed at Church," the disgusting comments have already started. And these are the folks who consider themselves pro-life? All I can say is have they no shame? I will be monitoring the comments to see if these disgusting comments remain because if they do, The Fox/Murdoch Nation truly has no shame!

Contact Information for Fox News:
Fox News Phone Number – 1-888-369-4762
e-mail - yourcomments@foxnews.com

Update: The comments which I selected have been deleted (after having been initially approved?) . The prinicpal concern of Fox Nation, however, is that the murder occurred at a church. If you see offensive comments, you might want to copy them and send them to Bill O'Reilly who, as I have pointed out, had some choice things to say about Dr. Tiller.

Memo to Fox Nation writers - Dr. Tiller was killed. You might want to remove "reportedly" from your headline. You might want to include the fact that a suspect has been arrested.

Update: Randall Terry does not denounce murder. Will Hannity provide validation?

Update - June 1st: The Tiller thread has disappeared from the Fox Nation site and has not been archived. Wonder why?



Fox Nation citizens?