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Very Little Reporting, Lots Of Deciding in Hannity's “Waste 101”

Reported by Ellen - May 30, 2009 -

The next time a Fox News apologist tells you the network doesn't mix opinion with fact, you can point to Sean Hannity's hour-long special last night (5/29/09), “Waste 101" as a perfect example of just that. The show purported to "count down the 101 worst projects your tax dollars have funded under Obama in this can't miss special!" In reality, it was an hour of Hannity pontificating against stimulus projects he doesn't like, many that he just happened to baselessly tie to Democrats he doesn't like. In most instances, the projects were derisively described in a few seconds with barely any explanation, like #28, an earmark for “blackbird management, whatever that is,” Hannity said, before moving on to the next item for ridicule. It turns out that blackbirds can be hazardous to crops - as a quick Google search indicates, something that Hannity and his superiors at Fox News, didn't seem to think worth doing. There were no governmental or project officials to provide any explanation for their actions, either. So much for “fair and balanced,” too. A video sample after the jump.